Keyzy Rent to Own Solution – Startup Profile

Keyzy makes home ownership more accessible with an innovative rent-to-own solution


  • Jeremy Matallah and Simon Groll founded the London-based company in 2021, after finding themselves frustrated by the antiquated barriers to home ownership
  • Keyzy buys a customer’s dream home for them, allowing them to move in immediately, save as they rent, and buy the property later
  • Keyzy has over 2,500 waitlist applicants across the UK and is buying its first homes for customers



About Keyzy

Keyzy is designed to unlock home ownership by getting more clients into their dream homes, faster. Directly addressing the difficulty of building a deposit and getting a traditional mortgage, Keyzy came up with the offer to:


  • Buy your dream home for you
  • Rent it to you for a set period of time (3-7 years)
  • Convert up to 25% of your monthly payments toward a future deposit
  • Allow you to buy the home at the original price paid, minus the deposit


With house prices at an all-time high and youth home ownership at a 60-year low, Keyzy is on a mission to break the rent cycle. Many of Keyzy’s applicants – doctors, nurses, teachers, and civil servants – have been deprived of the opportunity to own their own homes due to decreasing effective income, rising rents, and increasingly strict affordability criteria.

Keyzy provides a way out. By letting customers move into their dream homes today and benefit as they rent, they can finally take advantage of appreciating property values as a renter and eventual owner. By locking in the option to buy their property at the original price paid by Keyzy, the company’s customers get a leg up onto an increasingly hard-to-climb housing ladder. 

Why rent, when you can buy with Keyzy?


how keyzy works



How Does it Work?

When considering making the jump to home ownership, customers can visit the Keyzy website to quickly receive a budget for their potential new home. The overall process happens in just five simple steps:


  1. ONE: Discover your purchasing power, with an estimated budget for your new home
  2. TWO: Search for your ideal home and, if approved, Keyzy will make an offer to buy it on your behalf
  3. THREE: Once accepted, Keyzy buys the home and manages the sale process (no hassles with price negotiation, surveys, solicitors or buildings insurance)
  4. FOUR: Move into your new home immediately and start saving, with up to 25% of monthly payments converting toward a reduction in your future buy-back price
  5. FIVE: Buy the home from Keyzy when you’re ready, or find another buyer and walk away with the gains in property value


keyzy rent buy


Why Now?

With millions locked out of the market, an innovative solution was needed to address the growing housing accessibility crisis. Founders Jeremy Matallah and Simon Groll started Keyzy with a belief that the stability of home ownership should be available to all. “Our number one mission is to make sure our clients can eventually become home owners” says Matallah. 

The growing unaffordability and inflexibility of traditional mortgages has been particularly pronounced in the UK, with many renters fed up with the prospect of being locked out the property ladder. With the UK government’s Help To Buy scheme ending in October, Keyzy is setup to offer a more seamless and flexible solution to an even wider group of prospective home buyers, supporting properties ranging from £150,000 to £800,000 in value. “No one should have to downgrade their property or lifestyle to become a homeowner” says Groll. 

Keyzy has seen rapid growth in its waitlist, and is excited to help its customers become happy home owners.