Los Angeles-based Startup Accelerator is Scouting British Startups

Sophie Angner, operations manager at the Los Angeles based startup accelerator Expert Dojo, announces the company’s plans to invest in 80 new startups in 2021. Each chosen startup will receive a total investment of $100.000 USD.

The chosen companies will participate in a 3-month acceleration program held virtually from Los Angeles. In this program the founders of the chosen companies will be able to take advantage of American business education, networking opportunities with investors, and potential business partners based in the US.


Hunting for Outside-the-Box Ideas

The bar for new businesses who wish to secure financing is high. At present time, Sophie is looking for startups in all industries, but the companies must show signs of great growth potential. “We are not looking for startups with only the potential of becoming a successful family business. We are looking for the next Spotify, Airbnb or Netflix. When it comes to trends, we are careful not to invest in companies only designed to work during the pandemic, because we have high hopes that the world will become increasingly open again,” she explains.


Creates Growth and Acceleration

“Expert Dojo’s acceleration program starts with helping the entrepreneurs create a vision for a future in which they become unicorns. They are then drilled for several weeks using training that focuses on quick growth. Continuously during the program, startups are matched with potential investors for future investment rounds,” Sophie Angner explains.


Breathing, Sleeping and Living for Entrepreneurship

She reveals that it’s an incredible environment to work in, to meet entrepreneurs who dare to follow their dreams. She also says that she’s inspired by the founder of Expert Dojo, Brian Mac Mahon, and his motivation to help others. “He’s breathing, sleeping and living for entrepreneurship. His motivation has an influence on everyone in the team, we aren’t just investing in businesses, we become a part of their family. We work hard to achieve the dreams of the entrepreneurs, and to turn their innovations into global unicorns,” she says.


Welcoming British Startups

Because Expert Dojo is investing in both American and non-American companies, Sophie Angner encourages applications also from British startups. “An investment from us is an opportunity for the founders to bridge knowledge gaps, experience increased growth, and is a major chance to receive additional investments down the road,” she concludes.

Interested entrepreneurs should reach out to Sophie Angner at [email protected]