New Tech Creating Opportunities for Young People and Connecting Solopreneurs Across the World

A new video networking platform called Meeow has been boosting confidence amongst solopreneurs and creating opportunities for young people during the pandemic.

Utilising the power of random, the platform has been providing a window for fellow solopreneurs and young entrepreneurs from around the world to connect, collaborate and seek much needed support.

Millions of young people and SMEs in the UK face the combined threat of Brexit, the pandemic, and a lack of access to funding. But crucially, they have lost the ability to talk with people to obtain advice, develop their skills and access business opportunities.

Meeow – which stands for Meet Now – has been challenging these boundaries by bringing together a group of four people at random, to connect for an hour and simply chat. Discussions can be anything from the latest business issues to what is happening in their day-to-day lives, or advice on where to turn next.

Solopreneurism can be lonely. But Meeow can take the loneliness away. Not only does it beat the lockdown blues, but it creates new opportunities and instils confidence amongst worried individuals.

The video networking platform was the brainchild of Simon Glenn and Chris Rabbitt. Both had businesses that suffered during the lockdown and each noticed a decline in their mood from being isolated.

This inspired the idea behind Meeow, and they collaborated to keep solopreneurs and young people talking.

Simon Glenn says: “Unlike other video networking services, Meeow allows people to network from anywhere, at any time, with anyone across the globe. It does not need links or pre-arranged meetings. With only four participants at any one time, it also keeps meetings intimate and simple.

“It’s a great way to form intimate relationships. Afterwards, if you want the conversation to continue, you can form a new private chat room or connect on LinkedIn.”

Early-stage users of the service report finding lasting connections, business support and advice. They have found multiple opportunities to collaborate on projects through the power of Meeow.

19-year-old Alexa Wilkinson says she has been able to set up her own business due to the confidence Meeow has given her and the connections it has helped her make.

“At the start of the pandemic, I didn’t know where to turn. I was worried about my career and felt isolated and cut off from the world” she said.

“When Chris and Simon mentioned to my father that they had launched Meeow, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. I began attending 4 sessions a week, and even hosting my own Meeow sessions on a Thursday for young people.

“I now run my own social media consultancy and have learnt so much from the people I’ve met on Meeow – some of which have become clients,” she added.

Renny Slade, owner of The Wise Learner life and communication coaching business, is also an early adopter of Meeow and now uses it up to twice a week. It is not necessarily to generate new business or trawl for new contacts. But it is a way for her to keep connected with the outside world.

“I like how international the participants are,” she says. “The random nature of the meetings means you can meet almost anyone and everyone on a call. You can end up talking to somebody local to you, or from the other side of the world. It’s interesting how we all are facing similar issues at this particular time – and always seem to find a solution to help somebody out.”

The brand-new Meeow AI-powered platform moves onto a subscription basis on March 15, but until then the beta platform is free for anyone to use and benefit from.

The upgraded platform will include a series of new features which make networking more accessible. These built-in tools can:

  • Transcribe what people are saying – useful for note taking or the hard-of-hearing.
  • Recommend prompts for those who struggle with conversation.
  • Allow users to anonymously report anyone being disrespectful or misbehaving.

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