Mia and Ben: Baby and Toddler Food






June sees the launch of Mia & Ben, a new brand that’s set to shake up and shape up the baby & toddler food scene. By using the latest food tech and the freshest, organic ingredients, Mia & Ben has created a puree with all the taste, texture, flavour AND goodness of home cooked food.

So head to the refrigerated aisle and say hello to three delicious fruit and vegetable flavours, all in convenient pouch packs, that are set to transform the way you feed your child when on the go.

The food lovers at Mia & Ben know it’s vital to introduce fresh new tastes and flavours from an early age to help encourage a healthy diet throughout life. But they saw how difficult it was for busy parents to feed babies real home-cooked food, or to find good quality, healthy snacks for toddlers when out and about. Their mission was to change that, and after years of research in the Mia & Ben lab, delicious pureed food, with all the homemade goodness that babies and children need, won’t be so hard to come by.

Instead of sterilization or pasteurisation, known to destroy some of the goodness in foods, Mia & Ben use HPP; high pressure technology that’s proven to keep food safe by gently preserving ingredients. With Mia & Ben, parents can rest assured that vital vitamins and nutrients are locked in, natural colours and flavours are preserved, and that their child’s food is as fresh as they are! With a lifespan of 6 hours when out of the fridge, new parents with young babies can finally enjoy all of the benefits of a homemade baby puree, minus the mess, fuss and the Tupperware! Plus parents with toddler-aged children can choose Mia & Ben as THE healthy, go-to smoothie snack for fun-filled days out – just twist open, serve with a spoon for little ones or enjoy straight from the pouch.

The puree in Mia & Ben pouches even looks as good as homemade, just take a peek in the clear window on packs for a glimpse of the vivid fruit and vegetable colours. And for parents with weaning-aged babies, each of the four flavours can be combined with other ingredients for even more taste variety for a growing baby.

There are four delicious fruit and vegetable combinations to choose from, each one packed with nothing but wholesome, organic ingredients:

  • Sweet Potato, Pear, Butternut Squash & Beetroot

    • The beetroot in this puree makes it look too good to eat, it’s packed full of potassium, magnesium and betacyanins (the antioxidant pigment in beetroot. The sweet potato, pear and butternut squash mean there’s also a generous amount of vitamins A & C too.
  • Banana, Mango & Pineapple

    • This tropical number looks, tastes and feels like you’re on holiday…so try to keep some for your little one! High in magnesium and potassium, Mia & Ben combine banana, mango and pineapple to make a puree that contains goodness for metabolism, hormone function and heart health.
  • Apple & Blueberry

    • This berry yummy looking puree is a good source of vitamin C and anthocyanins, the antioxidant pigment in blueberries. Versatile and full of flavour, it’s perfect for making classics like porridge and yoghurt that little fruitier.


Co-Founder Daniel Auner says, “With Mia & Ben, convenience no longer has to mean compromise. We know parents want to home cook for their babies as much as they can, but in reality the pressures of modern life can get in the way. Plus, we believe that weaning should be fun, not stressful, messy or expensive. So we’ve created four fresh, portable fresh purees that, thanks to our innovative technology, are as wholesome as homemade, and so delicious that they can be enjoyed by toddler-aged children too.”


Co-Founder Karina Gentgen continues, “Here at Mia & Ben we’re proud to be the only brand in the UK to apply exciting new HPP technology to preserve the goodness in organic fruit and vegetables AND keep them fresh for little taste buds – from weaning babies to toddlers and beyond. Our blended purees stay fresh for up to 6 hours out of the fridge, so they’re perfect for busy parents on the go. Head to the refrigerated aisle to give Mia & Ben a try!”


Daniel Auner and Karina Gentgen Mia & Ben