Scoot The City – Startup Profile

We caught up with the founders of Scoot The City, a new start-up changing the way commuters travel to work and around town with electric scooters – and a try before you buy test drive.


How the Business Came About 

Scoot The City was founded in 2017 as one of the co-founders was frustrated that his commuting options were limited to taking public transport which was often unreliable, unenjoyable and expensive. We have all been there on a hot and sweaty tube feeling claustrophobic as a tube stops under a tunnel to “regulate the service”. As the co-founder was often travelling frequently to China on business, he used the opportunity to make contact with factories in China to produce a first prototype. From that Scoot The City was born.


Fast forward 3 years, the whole transportation market has advanced significantly as urban cities are encouraging new forms of eco-friendly, green and sustainable forms of transportation. Due to Covid-19, this has only advanced the need for alternative forms of transportation to get the economy moving and allowing people to use electric scooters for both leisure and commuting purposes.






How Is Scoot The City Different?

Scoot The City are different to other players in the market as they offer the option to purchase as well as to lease the electric scooters.

Additionally, this innovative startup have sourced the best e-scooters in the market and only sell official UK stock from the best brands in the market, including their bespoke model.

Scoot The City are going direct to businesses (having just launched a partnership with the co-working site WorkLife for their community members) as well as selling direct to consume.


What Are Scoot The City’s Plans for Growth?

Scoot The City’s growth will be very much linked with the changing habits and behaviour with commuting habits. The startup plan to source more models and make them available to purchase as well as form a closer partnership with the Department for Transport (DFT) to advocate the legalisation around private e-scooters to be made legal on roads and ensure the infrastructure is available on UK roads to protect the safety of riders.
The company have lately wanted to create deep partnerships with insurance providers to ensure that riders can get personal liability coverage.

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