Start Up Interview: Pull The Cork

Company Name:  Pull The Cork –
Founders: James Nathan and Moritz Bak
Sum up the business: Pull The Cork specialises in sourcing the very best organic wines from independent and innovative winemakers from all four corners of the globe, none of which are mass-produced, but they are all available at excellent prices.

The motivation

pull the cork
Having spent over eleven years in the wine trade, James has developed a genuine passion for sourcing, making and selling wine from around the world. Deeply caring about organic, natural and additive free wines and realising that very few companies were selling these in the UK, as well as having considerable experience in the industry, James knew it was time to set up Pull The Cork in December 2017.

Things you have learnt that you wish you had known prior to starting?

Having a bit more marketing experience, and being more willing to delegate.

Tips for those starting a business?

Researching thoroughly prior to starting a business is key. Try to research as broadly as possible, and asking as many questions as you can to people who matter– even if this means ringing different companies that you don’t necessarily know that can help you with getting the necessary information. It is also very important that you are starting a business in an industry that you have a good working knowledge of, otherwise, it is a non-starter. Last but not least, make sure your business plan is up to scratch!

The most interesting thing you have learnt about running a business?

How much difference good marketing can do to your sales – things can end up taking off when you are not expecting them to.

Essential skills you need for creating a business?

In terms of skills, I think having a modern, forward-thinking approach when setting up a business is very important, as well as being creative and having excellent research skills.

Favourite wine?

From our collection at Pull The Cork, I would definitely have to go with the Cellers Ànima Negra, a full-bodied red wine from Majorca with a rich smoky aroma, and very hard-to-find.