The Future of TeleMedicine Includes Physical Exams Thanks to Award-Winning Start-up: MedWand

Created by a primary care physician and a team of expert medical device engineers, the award winning, one-of-a-kind, clinical-grade telemedicine device, MedWand, is projected to revolutionise the healthcare industry. Housing up to 10 diagnostic tools in one device, MedWand is not only leading the way for the future of virtual healthcare, but the company also provides what is currently missing in telehealth – physical exams.

When conceiving which diagnostics would go into MedWand, the MedWand team selected tools most commonly used in the specialty of family medicine, designed to make the job of primary care clinicians easier and healthcare more accessible.


M. Samir Qamar, M.D., CEO of MedWand, said:

“As we saw with the pandemic, sickness isn’t confined geographically- and healthcare shouldn’t be either. MedWand doesn’t just complete telemedicine by enabling virtual physical exams, it does much more. By allowing patients to receive medical exams from anywhere on Earth, MedWand reveals the very future of medical practice.”


medwand product
Photos Courtesy of MedWand and Photographer Lily Fasshnacht.


MedWand represents the evolution of telemedicine; enabling a multi-diagnostic assessment with a single device that can be used anywhere in the world. At only the size of a computer mouse, MedWand allows clinicians to conduct physical exams remotely, through the real-time collection of multiple vital sign readings and key patient assessments.

Recently demonstrated at Arab Health 2021 in Dubai, MedWand debuted its latest software advancements, which provide a link between MedWand devices and existing Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Software. Supporting single password sign-in, accepting externally scheduled appointments, and exchanging patient data with the EMR, MedWand’s virtual care clinic software delivers the ultimate in video consultation and remote exam performance. With clinically accurate and real-time monitoring and recording of patient’s key vitals and clinical assessment, data collected via a MedWand include core temperature, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, heart, lung and abdominal auscultations, electrocardiogram, high definition otoscopic, oropharynx, and dermatoscopic exam images.

Robert Rose, President & COO of MedWand, added:

Telehealth needs MedWand and MedWand redefines telehealth completely. With MedWand, telehealth becomes even more meaningful, more effective, and will even save lives. That’s a powerful mission and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of it.


Depending on the market and local regulatory clearances, the MedWand device can include a stethoscope (with filters for heart, lungs, and abdominals), an otoscope (for the ears), and a dermatoscope (for skin lesions)—as well as a thermometer, a pulse oximeter (for monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels), and an ECG.

MedWand anticipates FDA clearance later this year. To learn more about MedWand and stay up to date on the company’s progress visit and follow on Twitter and follow on LinkedIn.