Startup of the Week: Habito

Our startup for this week is Habito! Helping people to find the perfect mortgage by creating and comparing the very best deals from lenders.

It’s unfortunately common for people to have bad experiences when buying a house, working their way through an antiquated industry that’s been screaming for innovation.

This is where Dan Hegarty has come in, the founder and CEO of Habito. Habito uses a combination of top mortgage experts and cutting edge technology to help provide a fast and impartial comparison of 20,000+ mortgages from over 90 different lenders.




Habito was created in 2016 after Hegarty experienced his own struggles with buying a house. The founder claims in the company’s first blog post:

“I bought a house, and the experience was horrific…Not because of any one person, or any intrinsic malevolence working against me or my dreams, but because things which are important evolve complex systems around them with many stakeholders”

After learning that many others also had similar frustrating experiences, Hegarty then decided to learn all he could about the industry, claiming that “Entrepreneurs look for broken things that matter to people. Holes in the fabric of life that could be patched with ingenuity and a bit of effort to make life easier for everyone.” From this came Habito.

Habito uses its technology to compare the whole market from its 90+ lenders in a matter of seconds, helping customers find the best mortgage deals to suit their needs.

On top of this, Habito also offers services that take care of all the paperwork, organising property surveys, solicitors and legal work to make buying a home as easy as possible.

Habito have also launched other services to further solve the issues house hunters and homeowners face today – creating their own buy-to-let mortgages and partnering with AIG to offer customers straightforward life insurance that helps protect their mortgage.

Throughout their services, Habito has helped to innovate the mortgage industry, making it easier for people to find the best mortgage deals to suit them.