Startup Of The Week: Woofz

  • Woofz is the first truly dog-centric app for all dog owners and owners-to-be. Woofz offers dog care, training, health, fitness monitoring aiming at improving the relationship between dogs of all ages and their owners.
  • Woofz already has 4 million downloads. In 2022 Woofz revenue grew 5 times compared to the previous year. 
  • The app provides over 70 diverse training lessons, courses, and activities that cater to both pets and their owners, with more being added regularly. 

Woofz - Smart Dog Training – Apps on Google Play

What is Woofz

Woofz is a dog app that helps you unlock the secrets to what makes your pet tick and create a more harmonious pet-person relationship with training lessons, pet tracker functionality, a puppy log, and a handy pet clicker tool all in one app. Woofz is a Pet Tech sub-brand of Gismart, a global developer and publisher of mobile apps and games. Woofz was officially launched in November 2020, which was majorly influenced by COVID-19 and the rising trend in pet ownership. 

With an impressive 4 million downloads and counting since launch, Woofz didn’t only hit upon the immediate needs of lockdown’s new pet parents but its mission to improve the connection with our dogs has found longevity in the fundamental desire for today’s dog owners to establish healthy, long-term relationships with their hounds.

“Back in 2020, we kicked things off with the Woofz app, diving headfirst into the Pet Tech world. The Pet Care arena, covering everything from Pet Services to PetTech, has been on a wild ride, thanks to changes in how we live and the leaps in technology.

“Check out the numbers – over the last three years, PetTech has grown like crazy, with a whopping 25% yearly boost. Imagine that! Smart feeders, health gizmos, interactive toys – PetTech’s shaking up how we look after our furry pals.

“And guess what? We’re right there on the frontlines, all set to give pet owners worldwide some top-notch value. Our focus on dog training comes from rolling up our sleeves and doing the homework, all because we’re dead serious about giving pets the best.

“This whole PetTech scene? We’re not just watching it unfold – we’re driving it. It’s not just about where we’re going, but about making pets’ lives all around the globe a whole lot better.”

– Woofz CMO, Natalia Shahmetova 


Is there a market for PetTech?

The global pet market is worth $261 billion. The COVID-19 pandemic forced more people to stay indoors or work from home. This led to a higher demand for pets as companions, driving up adoption rates. This increase in pet adoptions assisted with the financial growth of different pet industry branches: food, veterinary care, toys, and grooming needs. With the global market worth currently close to $261 billion, it is projected to reach roughly $350 billion by 2027.

Woofz was developed with the aim of nurturing healthy relationships between humans and dogs, ensuring that the adoption or introduction of a puppy results in a lifelong and cherished family member.

What products does Woofz have?


  • Woofz offers personalised dog training programmes aimed at keeping pets of all ages fit. 
  • The responsive app has reacted to the global increase in the cost of living, with the experts at Woofz building a web-based calculator to help pet owners estimate the expenses associated with pet ownership.
  • The app provides over 70 diverse training lessons, courses, and activities that cater to both pets and their owners, with more being added regularly. 
  • Woofz has revealed that 1 in 5 owners of adopted dogs find them so difficult they have considered rehoming them. To help combat the high numbers of dogs being returned to shelters, the Woofz team developed a specialised course for adopted dogs, as they often require unique care and attention.

The training methods used in the Woofz app are rooted in positive reinforcement and adhere to the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) principles.

Where can you find Woofz?

You can find it both on the apple store, and also on Google play.