Startup Profile: Andrson


Andrson is a brand new A.I. artist discovery platform which connects emerging artists to the right industry professionals, helping them to become discovered. The digital A&R process has been reimagined, whereby the platform provides unbiased search results to shine a spotlight on artists you might have never come across before.

Based in Dublin, the Irish music tech startup was co-founded by Zach Miller-Frankel and Neil Dunne, who developed the idea of Andrson whilst they were at university. Being both experienced and passionate music industry professionals, the idea was born out of their own pain-point for inefficiencies working in music discovery and A&R – as well as a passion and purpose for helping new musicians become discovered.


Zach Miller-Frankel Headshot colour
Co-founder Zach Miller-Frankel


The app is very simple to use. From an artist perspective, you can simply download the app, set up an account and upload your music whereby it will be delivered to key music industry personnel. From a music industry perspective, execs on the hunt for new musical talent can use the platform to discover a particular type of artist they are looking for, with certain criteria met. What the technology does is use machine learning to listen, analyse and assess the music being uploaded by new artists up against the ever expanding collection of commercial artist recordings. It then offers the end user artist recommendations based on these findings. For example, if a record label exec wants to find a female musician aged between 26-35-years-old, is located within fifty miles of London and sounds 65 percent like Jorja Smith, then this platform provides that solution.

The USP of the app is the fact that search results are unbiased and purely focuses on the sound you are looking for so that if you are an artist your music will not be lost in the shuffle of songs – and if you are an industry exec, you can easily discover an artist with a particular sound that you are on the hunt for. The platform combines the simplicity of automation with the power of human discovery.

Andrson was created to solve an industry problem. It is geared towards helping A&Rs in providing them with a smart and useful tool, which can support their talent discovery search but also act as a springboard for emerging musicians.

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