talent.io Launch Europe’s Only Technology Contractors Recruitment Platform


Talent.io, Europe’s leading selective recruitment provider for software developers today announced it has launched the only online recruitment platform dedicated to technology contractors. The platform accelerates the time to hire for both contractors and recruiters by providing access to the largest community of pre-qualified software developer contractors across Europe.

The technology recruitment process is often perceived as painful and difficult, encountering obstacles such as: hidden fees, the time and cost it takes to hire, convoluted processes, and how to select committed candidates from a wide pool of contractors.

We are delighted to be launching our contractor’s platform in London which will change the face of technology recruitment by delivering transparency and simplicity to the industry, all at a very competitive price…” comments John Hazelton, Director, talent.io.

In time of political and economic uncertainty with Brexit, many companies are choosing to work with contractors on technology projects rather than recruiting internally to keep costs to a minimum. There is a large demand in the market for contractors on short term projects but it is difficult for employers to know who to target from the wide pool available. The talent.io platform matches the right jobs with the right people from its contractors’ community using a bespoke artificial intelligence solution. While still retaining the human touch, their talent specialists then pre-qualify the contractors ensuring they are the highest calibre for the job based on non-biases, skills, qualifications and previous positions.

A lack of trust in the industry exists where companies often face hidden fees when recruiting contractors that are only revealed at the end of the process. This tarnishes the recruitment process as it appears unprofessional and unreliable.

Hazleton comments: “Our platform eradicates hidden fees giving you complete transparency from the offset. We strive to deliver simplicity with the contractors’ platform and all the administration, arranging interviews, billing and timesheets are delivered in a single end to end seamless solution. Our community of developers have been pre-qualified and we only work with committed and recurring contractors who can work at speed with diligence ensuring they meet the client’s deadline.

Anna Kerdivar, a technology contractor was recently recruited by SF Insuretech using the talent.io contractors’ platform states: “The platform was so easy and transparent to use, I signed up for the contractors’ platform and got a position on the same day with SF Insuretech. Usually it takes about two weeks but with talent.io I got a job in one day, and I have been offered a permanent position.