Tech And Startups For Knitting Lovers

Whilst knitting is a hobby typically associated with older people, it has grown in popularity amongst younger generations in recent years.

In fact, The Big Issue reported that crafting, crochet and knitting have had a comeback with Gen Zs, as more young people are taking it up as a skill.

But it’s not just Gen Z that are getting involved, according to UK Hand Knitting, knitting has been one of the top 3 crafts in the UK for over 10 years, with 5.7 million people enjoying it. It’s no surprise then that tech and startups are wanting a piece of the action.


How Has Tech Revolutionised Knitting?


There have been a number of tech advancements in the knitting space in recent years, some of these include:


AI Knitting


In an article by the World Economic Forum, it was reported that scientists at MIT have created a software that analyses knitted items to generate knitted patterns.

This means that knitting lovers can duplicate any item by finding out exactly how to recreate it.

Simply by scanning the item, the AI can generate the pattern needed to created it – taking a chunk of the guess work out.

Another AI advancement is called CADKnit, which allows people to customise designs to create new templates. For example, users can add decorative elements, remove sleeves and change sizes – and then generate a knitting pattern for it.

This allows them to more easily create bespoke items, whilst removing the variables associated with knitting design.


3D Knitting


Whilst this isn’t one for the hobbyists, the development of 3D knitting machines has helped businesses create knitted garments at scale.

A 3D knitting machine uses 4 beds of needles to knit different areas of the items all at the same time – making it more accurate and efficient.

Whilst 3D knitting does require a machine, it certainly helps brands create more high-quality knit items on a larger scale.


Knitting Communities Online


With the internet being home to millions of global communities, it’s no surprise that knitters have also found each other online.

Gone are the days of looking through books to find popular patterns – now, websites like Lovecrafts give knitters thousands of tried and tested designs to download and recreate.

By sharing images, designs and rating patterns, communities online are helping more people hone their craft.


Knitting Startups


But it’s not just tech that has emerged in this space, a number of knitting startups have also popped up to help people hone their craft. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Stitch & Story


Stitch & Story | Crafting Made Simple


Stitch & Story is a startup dedicated to helping people learn to knit and crochet.

The company hosts a number of workshops, as well as selling kits on line with videos to help people learn the craft.

Having seen a huge amount of success over COVID, the Stitch & Story is continuing to help more young people learn to knit.


The Knotty Ones


The Knotty Ones


The Knotty Ones is a Lithuanian sustainable clothing company that celebrates the craft of knitting.

Whilst the startup isn’t about teaching people to knit themselves, it does employ artisans in rural Lithuania to create high-quality knitted clothing.

By solidifying itself as a company rooted in social responsibility, the company has already sold garments internationally, helping provide an income to those that need it.








Dreamknit is a company dedicated to helping people create the exact garments they want to, without having to worry about calculating confusing knit patterns.

The site allows users to design their own knitwear, as well as purchasing tried and tested patterns with video instructions.





Knitrino - Curated Workshop-Style Knitting Projects


Knitirino is an app helping people navigate their knitting projects.

Through workshop-style videos, the company provides virtual classes and knit-alongs to help people pick up their knitting needles.

Not just a how-to app, Knitirino also provides a community setting to help people share their favourite stitches.


We are knitters


What is We Are Knitters? – WE ARE KNITTERS


We are knitters is a startup on a mission to help people learn to knit. The company sells a knitting kit that includes needles, yarn and a selection of patterns, making it easier for people to learn.

Not just that, the website includes stitch patterns that match up with the latest trends, helping people create cool clothes from home.