Teemyco Offers a Virtual Office Space

Teemyco is a Swedish startup who offer a software product which helps to connect remote and hybrid teams and bring them together virtually.


The Stockholm-based start-up develops a virtual office space for dispersed employees to meet through voice and video connections.

Teemyco was founded in late 2019 and quickly saw demand for its product increase when the pandemic took hold. It targets its product at companies with 250 people and has opened a waitlist for enterprise customers down the line. It is active in 70 countries and some of its clients include Greenely, Upstreet and eHealthApp.


We spoke to Teemyco’s CEO Charlotte Ekelund and she insists that the software is not another productivity tool, but a conceptually different way of working as part of a team:

“During our closed beta in 2020, users told us they love the seamlessness, seeing what is going on, the ease to co-work in the same virtual room and the fact that no links are needed to talk ad hoc”.


The start-up plans to invest the funds in refining the product with new features, such as allowing companies to customise their virtual office space created on Teemyco.

“With this new design we add further customisation opportunities. Users want it to be their branded office, not the Teemyco software,” she adds.

At the moment, the company offers a free-based model where up to 25 users can download and access the product without a paid subscription. However, in order to really see the value in this software, you need to use it with other people, Ekelund maintains.


“This product is all about creating and maintaining great connections between people who work together. You just happen to be able to integrate it into your current work stack of tools. We offer a free plan because we want teams to be able to experience it together in order to understand the efficiency logic”


The founders of Teemyco saw the trend of digital nomads and hybrid work coming before the pandemic hit. They agree that personal flexibility is the future of office-life.


“It has a very human aspect to it which models the future of work as it can be in a really positive and high-value space. Employees love it because it enables them to feel better about how they do their work on a daily basis. Managers love it because it helps them to create highly-efficient and happier teams.”


Download Teemyco now for free by visiting their website, or request a demo.