Top Startups In Yemen To Watch

Yemen, a country known for its rich history and current political crisis, is also a hub for innovative startups. Despite facing challenges, Yemeni entrepreneurs are creating waves of change, using technology to offer solutions to local and global needs.

In this article, we’ll spotlight 6 Yemeni startups that are worth keeping an eye on. Let’s get started….


1. Tabebe: Simplifying Doctor Appointments


Tabebe - Appointments with doctors made easy. | Startup Ranking


Tabebe is transforming healthcare in Yemen with its intuitive app, making it easier than ever for patients to book doctor appointments. This innovative tool eliminates the hassle of traditional appointment scheduling, offering a quick and straightforward process.

By connecting patients directly with healthcare providers, Tabebe ensures timely medical consultations, enhancing the overall healthcare experience. Its seamless functionality and user-centric design position Tabebe as a leader in digital health services, paving the way for a more accessible and efficient healthcare system in Yemen.


2. Bazzarry – بازاري: Online Shopping Redefined


Bazzarry - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Bazzarry stands out in Yemen’s e-commerce landscape as the first professional online shopping platform in the country. It offers a diverse array of products through a user-friendly interface, changing the traditional shopping experience.

Bazzarry is committed to providing a convenient and enjoyable shopping journey, backed by excellent customer service. Its innovative approach in a challenging market showcases the potential for e-commerce growth in Yemen, making Bazzarry a key player in the nation’s digital economy transformation.


3. Lumlim: Interactive Audio/Video Engagement


Arabnet | Lumlim


Lumlim is at the forefront of digital media innovation in Yemen with its cutting-edge voice recognition technology. This technology enables users to interact with online audio and video content in real-time, fostering greater engagement and community building.

For content creators, Lumlim offers tools to create interactive campaigns, enhancing audience connection. The startup’s unique approach in the realm of digital interaction signifies a significant step towards more immersive and interactive online experiences, setting a new standard for content engagement in the region.




4. Wagbat: Revolutionising Food Delivery


Wagbat Food Delivery - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Wagbat is changing the food delivery scene in Yemen by offering a vast selection of cuisines from top local and international restaurants. This platform not only brings convenience but also a rich culinary experience right to the customers’ doorsteps.

Its efficient delivery system and diverse food options cater to various tastes and preferences, making Wagbat a popular choice among food enthusiasts. The startup is a testament to the growing appetite for online food services in Yemen, driving innovation in the country’s food industry.

5. Port of Mokha: Brewing Exceptional Coffee


Port of Mokha - world's highest rated coffee from Yemen


Port of Mokha is a beacon of Yemeni heritage, producing some of the world’s highest-rated coffee. This startup not only offers exceptional coffee beans but also shares the rich coffee culture of Yemen with a global audience.

Their commitment to quality and the unique flavor profiles of their coffee have earned them accolades in the international specialty coffee market. Port of Mokha stands as a symbol of Yemen’s potential in producing world-class products, showcasing the country’s rich agricultural legacy.


6. YODET: Empowering Digital Era Skills




YODET is a pivotal force in Yemen’s digital transformation, providing essential skills and technologies to individuals and organisations. This startup focuses on ensuring safe and effective access to digital resources, fostering a tech-savvy population.

By equipping people with modern digital skills and offering secure technology channels, YODET is playing a key role in building a resilient and forward-looking digital community in Yemen. Their efforts are crucial in bridging the digital divide and empowering Yemenis to participate actively in the global digital economy.


As 2024 unfolds, these innovative startups in Yemen are not only demonstrating resilience, but also paving the way for a vibrant economic future. Their innovative ideas, from digital health to e-commerce, are driving significant change in both local and global markets.