Top 10 Tools for Startups

Commencing a startup can be expensive and time-consuming. However, using the right tools when beginning a startup can help keep costs low while increasing employee productivity, business revenue and much more. Read on to see TechRound’s Top 10 Tools for Startups to help grow your business, which each fall within the following categories:  

  • Communication & Connectivity 
  • Project Management Tools 
  • Business Insurance 
  • Employee Benefit Schemes 
  • Team Building Tools 
  • Coworking Spaces 
  • Digital Marketing Tools 
  • Website Builders 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Finances

1. Best Digital Communication Tool – bOnline 

One of the most important aspects for a startup in today’s digital age is communication and connectivity. Efficient communication between employees and customers, as well as amongst colleagues, is the primary driving force to running a startup. TechRound’s favourite when it comes to communication tools is bOnline – the UK’s number 1 business phone for growing businesses.

bOnline offers various products, from VoIP phone systems, broadband and even bundle offers. Their VoIP phones (an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol) are feature-rich, providing features such as digital receptionists, call handling, conferencing and lots more. 

Using a VoIP phone system with bOnline is not only affordable when compared to traditional landline contracts, but it will also ensure employee productivity as VoIP phones can be used working from home, in the office and even abroad. VoIP phone systems will certainly become the favoured choice, as the big landline switch-off soon arrives in 2025. 

2. Manage Finances Efficiently – Xero

The financial aspects of a business are extremely key. When beginning a startup, finances will be at the forefront of conversations, plans and even your worries. Nonetheless, just as there is endless application software for other parts of the business, online financial tools can help your startup grow. 

Online cloud accounting platforms like Xero can help you keep track of your finances, such as cash flow, invoices and sales. You can additionally follow-up on orders and ensure a smooth-running and profitable business. To find out more about Xero’s products, visit their website.

3. Develop a Competitive Website On a Budget – Wix 

Trying to source the right website builder individually can be time-consuming, as you want to get your startup’s website right from the get go. A company’s website design alone can either entice customers or send them straight back to Google. 

Using an online website builder tool is a great way for startups to develop their website. Keeping a website contemporary, fun yet professional can help better reflect your brand. Wix, for only £3 a month, can help build your website fast. 

Keeping a website up to date is important in a competitive market, yet can be easily done through many website builders online today at affordable prices. As fundamentally, a website design can help show your startup as professional and competitive. 

4. Affordable Business Insurance – Simply Business

Although business insurance may seem daunting and expensive, it is important to implement when starting a business. There are many affordable insurance plans available for startups across the UK, with a great choice being Simply Business. 

Simply Business is a UK-based insurance company, providing tailored insurance plans from startup insurance, freelance insurance to even tradesmen insurance. Business insurance is important, as it can provide a startup’s peace of mind that the business and its owners are protected against everyday risks, legal costs and even public liability. 

In addition, startups can even opt for policies which can help protect against business interruption or supply chain breakdown. Which may be the right move when starting a business, as things may not go according to plan.

5. Project Management Tools for Better Collaboration – ClickUp

Managing a team while ensuring projects are delivered to a high standard is key for any business. It is, nonetheless, particularly important for startups to initially form a great team work ethic and bond. This may seem daunting without the right project management in place, yet with ClickUp, a project management software tool, managers and employees can benefit from organising projects and deadlines easily. 

ClickUP, priced at £3.62 per user per month is not only affordable, but also great for tracking team progress with its features such as workflow. Ensuring projects are followed on time is key, and with a digital project management tool it can certainly encourage collaboration and transparency when it comes to big and even smaller work tasks. 

6. Productive Coworking Environments – LOF Office Furniture 

The environment employees work in affects productivity levels as well as emotional needs. Providing the right coworking space can be the key solution to better team-building and quality of work delivered. 

LOF Office Furniture provides both second-hand and new furniture for businesses of all sizes in the UK. Second-hand options, such as ergonomic chairs and desks, can be a great option for startups to keep costs low and the business more eco-friendly. 

As one of the leading UK office furniture suppliers, LOF Office Furniture can help find the right workspace furniture your startup needs while providing comfort and a professional space for both employees and clients.

7. Digital Marketing Tools – Hootsuite

With social media now playing an important part in businesses, alongside Google, using the right digital marketing tool can help your startup gain attention and traction within the industry. Furthermore, being able to run and manage social media advertising can help your startup grow fast whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or more.  

Hootsuite provides social media management tools. You can create, schedule and publish all the social media posts you desire all through one single platform. Another great feature is being able to review your customer conversations all in one location, providing ease and efficiency.

8. Improve Team-Building – Asana 

The core to running any business is how efficiently the employees work and the standard to which tasks are performed. In today’s digital age, there’s no better way to improve team-building skills than through online digital applications. Easy to download, use and affordable – Asana is a great option for startups. 

Asana organises work into one space. They also offer real-time features so that your teams which may be working hybrid, remote or in the office can continue to work efficiently as a team. Providing features such as inboxes and mission control for coordinating and commenting on work.

9. Implement Employee Benefit Schemes – Perkbox 

With Perkbox, employees can benefit from rewards, discounts, wellbeing and recognition. Trusted by 4,500 businesses worldwide, Perkbox enables employees to choose the awards that reflect the company’s values and their own desires. 

Trying to find a local supplier nearby to your startup can be time-consuming and costly. However, using an online Employee Benefit Scheme is easy to use and can be tailored to the size and needs for your startup.

10. Choose a Reliable CRM System – HubSpot

A CRM tool, also known as a Customer Relationship Management Tool, can help businesses keep customers while analysing performance. 

CRM software is easily-available on the market, being easy to download and implement into your business. One of the many benefits of a CRM tool is how it can increase sales by keeping track of customer intake, reviews and much more. HubSpot offers a completely free service, with a friendly interface, to businesses of all sizes.

Overall: Which Tools Are Key for My Startup? 

Having read TechRound’s Top 10 Tools for Startups, you should have a better idea about which digital and non-digital tools are available on the market to help your business flourish. Nevertheless, you may still be wondering which tools are best for you and your startup

Many of the tools mentioned, and others on the market, often provide free trials and free services meaning you can give the product a go before committing long-term. Additionally, you can implement the tools as your startup grows. For instance, implementing a VoIP phone system and digital marketing tools can help your startup initially grow. Later, you may consider redecorating your startup’s office.