64. Valentina Drofa, Co-Founder & CEO of Drofa Comms


Company: Drofa Comms

Website: https://drofa-ra.co.uk/


About Valentina & Drofa

Drofa Comms launched an office in London in July 2021, as a part of the company’s global expansion strategy. Founded by Valentina Drofa and Maria Poliakova, the business focuses on the fintech and finance industry. Among Drofa’s clients are commercial & investment banks, hedge funds and asset management firms, exchanges, trading platforms, payment systems, blockchain companies, and forex trading businesses.

Drofa faced a few challenges which were successfully overcome. One of the main problems for them was the impossibility of face-to-face problems solving. They cannot start their working process in the UK without meetings with clients, as they are used to communicating with them in person – but they had their hands tied to give them more outreach due to the political situation and the pandemic.

They only have the possibility to chat online. In such a format, the communication can cause misunderstanding. It is really difficult to open a new office in London whilst living in Moscow.

The second problem is the complexity of technologies they are working with. Despite the fact that they have a strong expertise, each project has its own technical feature.

Drofa Comms have worked hard and carefully in the actively changing world of blockchain and fintech. They often acted as experts and commented on the news regarding regulators, market situations and crypto related topics.

Drofa’s future plans include expanding the team, taking part in professional communities and ratings, as well as strengthening positions in the British and European market.

Valentina Drofa is an active member of the market and despite all the difficulties she is leading her business to success by developing it, commenting on sectoral topics of fintech, regulation, financial technologies, etc.


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