1. ReWorked

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Company: ReWorked

Website: https://www.reworked.com/

Founder: Steve Carrie




About ReWorked

Reworked take hard-to-recycle waste or recycled materials and re-introduce them back into the supply chain. They manufacture bespoke products that are 100% recycled & circular. Non-recyclable is not in their vocabulary.

Innovation in waste handling and recycling runs deep within their history. With over 30 years of experience in sustainable waste management, they are the experts. They offer full-service recycling management, from collection to repurposing – creating a circular economy.

Utilising their vast knowledge, they can bring new products to the market, derived entirely from waste materials, closing the waste production loop. Their passion lies in preventing waste plastic from entering our natural environment by providing an alternate route.

They specialise in the harder to handle materials, such as ‘non-recyclable’ plastics. They’re known for reworking tricky cosmetics packaging, food trays, household items, PPE etc. with an innovative approach. ReWorked even take on items collected from waterways, rivers & seas that are often partially degraded. These are usually considered unviable for recycling until now.

Their board making method allows them to handle these un-recyclables with ease. They are creating a versatile alternative to wooden plyboard, for shopfitting, joinery, construction etc. The consequences of plastic usage are clear to see, scattered among our natural environments. Our overuse & attitude towards its disposal has left our planet in despair and at a point nearing no return.

They hope for a future where no more virgin plastic is produced, instead recycled plastic is reworked. In recent months they have implemented PPE recycling schemes in Wilko & Morrisons stores across the UK as part of their innovative #ReclaimTheMask campaign. They also pride themselves on being the only people in the UK currently recycling lateral flow tests.

This year has also seen them take leaps in cosmetic & beauty recycling, taking the hardest-to-recycle packaging and recovering them into useful material. They have introduced take-back schemes in Boots & The Body Shop stores across the UK, making the service easily accessible to all.

They hope to provide routes for all manner of non-recyclable plastics, reducing the use of incineration, landfill & the risk of pollution.