15. CoreZero

Company: CoreZero

Founders: Jean Pierre Azañedo and Ignacio Bordigoni

Website: https://www.corezero.io/


About CoreZero

CoreZero is a climate-tech company that was founded in 2020 and enables food rescue, upcycling waste-to-energy, and composting projects to measure their environmental benefit and monetize it through carbon credits.

Since 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste and methane, a greenhouse gas that is generated once food ends up in landfills has more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide within the first 20 years in the atmosphere, Jean believes that there is no net zero without zero waste. With more than 12 years of experience in integrated waste management and valorization, Jean’s life’s work has been devoted to projects that turn waste into value as he understands the responsible waste approach as a way to tackle both the climate and hunger crises.

In addition to climate action, accelerating food rescue and food minimization projects have social and economic benefits; such as tackling food scarcity, encouraging responsible production and consumption, and fostering decent work and economic growth.

In February 2023, CoreZero, together with The Mexican Foodbanking Network (Red BAMX), managed to quantify the prevention of 221,800 tCO2e being released into the atmosphere and transformed this into 221.800 carbon credits. These are the world’s first carbon credits from food rescue, and they represent the start of an innovative approach to offsetting that turns waste into value.

Through CoreZero’s software, industries can measure composting projects, food rescue, waste management, and upcycling. This ultimately creates financial value through the monetization of carbon credits. This is possible in three steps:

  1. Integrate – Seamlessly integrates into company operations to assess the project’s potential, identify the methodology, and define the emission factors that apply.
  2. Quantify – Measures positive impacts and converts them into Carbon reduction units that are tracked and reported using blockchain technology and verified through an independent third-party process.
  3. Monetize – Carbon reduction units are transformed into tradable carbon credits and monetized in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).



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