38. ICI Care

ici care

Company: ICI Care

Website: https://icicare.co.uk/

Founder: Samantha Kidjo


About ICI Care

ICI CARE is a personalised haircare startup that creates bespoke hair products with the power of their in-house algorithm and plants. Each formula is crafted to the customer according to the hair quiz that they take on the website. They combine modern technology and centuries of beauty secrets, delivered straight to your door. For ICI Care, haircare is more than personal hygiene. It’s a mindful ritual that helps us connect with our body and relax.

They only use plants with zero preservatives and make their products waterless. They pack their products in plastic-free packaging because environmental impact is one of their priorities – they want to create a cleaner beauty industry. ICI Care products are genderless and made for everyone. As a personalised haircare products brand, they adapt to everyone and create a product for you instead of making you fit into one of their pre-made products.

They currently offer six different products. ICI Care first takes care of your scalp with their scalp mask and scalp scrub. Both are waterless. Just add water or honey before applying to your scalp. A healthy scalp is the first step towards healthy hair.

Then they have a clarifying hair mask to detoxify your hair. It is made with clay and plants; the formula is adapted to your hair and your lifestyle. Then there is a strengthening mask. It’s personalised to you and only made of four ingredients. They believe that less is more.

There is no need to put dozens of different ingredients on your hair when you can narrow it to the ones your hair actually needs. Finally, they offer plant mixes that can be used to infuse water or oils to hydrate and nourish your hair.

They are currently looking to raise their pre-seed round. That money will be used for branding and marketing as well as building the machine learning software for the formulation of their products.