17. Face Donate

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Company: Face Donate

Website: https://facedonate.org/

Founder(s): Alberto De Biasio & Alexandr Kulakov


About Face Donate

Imagine a world where you make a donation to tackle poverty and the impact of that donation is direct, immediate, and traceable to the penny. This is Face Donate. This is what our technology brings to the table: a revolution in the way goodwill is deployed. A better way to manage and spend the money donated to tackle today’s most pressing issues.

If current solutions were effective, food and housing poverty, and job insecurity would not be on the rise. Before the pandemic, an estimated 2.2 million people in the UK – and over 100 million across Europe – didn’t know where their next meal would be coming from. To make things worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many who were ‘just managing’ into food poverty.

Face Donate is a simple online platform with a solution. We use machine learning and computer vision to revolutionise the way people give, and donors can choose who they donate to and trace the impact of each contribution. Using the existing technology, fresh food can be made available directly to referred individuals and households, with donations forming credits for them to spend as they shop in participating retailers. This is a critical breakthrough to enable those living in food poverty to be part of a local economy and community, not separate from it.

Our cost-effective approach benefits and aligns donors, charities, community groups, and small businesses to work in partnership to achieve sustainable societal change. We are currently running 11 pilots in 4 countries, with the support of 9 charities, and we encourage anyone who wants to know more to get in touch, whether they are a charity, food-bank, shelter, or retailer.

When we are asked to give, why do we say no? Is it because we don’t want to help, or are we so far removed from the impact of giving that we no longer believe in charity? At Face Donate we value simplicity, transparency and dignity, and we used these values to develop a new way to give and receive help, creating connections and trust by showing the impact of giving.