10 Startups In Uzbekistan To Watch

The startup economy in Uzbekistan is growing quickly, fuelled by entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and industry-disrupting companies.

From FinTech to agriculture, these companies are not just shaping the local market in Uzbekistan but are set to make an impact globally.

Here, we look at 10 startups from Uzbekistan that are worth keeping an eye on…


1. Bringo – Food Delivery Service


Bringo - food delivery - Apps on Google Play


Bringo is a food delivery service, designed to help people all over Tashkent access the food they love from cafes and restaurants.

The user-friendly app features over 200 options for buyers, allowing them to order their favourite foods with just a click.


2. Joyla – Fuelling The Second Hand Market


Joyla - Mahalliy E'lonlar on the App Store


Joyla is like the gumtree of Uzbekistan, connects sellers with people all over the country to either buy or take items off their hands for free.

The company is on a mission to help people in Uzbekistan find people who want their items, contributing to a more sustainable economy. Additionally, the platform helps locals find items they need for a cheaper price, helping them get what they need, for less.


3. Agromart – Empowering Local Farmers


About Agromart.uz - Agriculture company in Uzbekistan | F6S


Agromart is a platform that connects Uzbekistan’s farmers with consultants to help them gather the most up to date information on farming guidelines, laws and best practices.

The platform helps farmers access consultations and trade knowledge with other professionals, helping create a network of farmers that are benefitting each other.


4. ER Group – Eco-Friendly Power




The ER Group is changing the landscape of sustainable power in Uzbekistan.

Not yet launched, the company is on a mission to provide eco-friendly power to communities worldwide using the power of technology. More to come…


5. TopBrains – Online Education


About Topbrains - F6S Profile


TopBrains is a platform that offers a range of online courses and resources that help people learn and find mentorship online.

Focused on work-based skills, the company is helping people all over Uzbekistan share knowledge and upskill in the right areas.



6. Mentalaba – University Search Platform



Mentalaba is a platform that helps students in find information around and apply for university abroad.

Through bespoke filters, prospective students are able to view a number of listings to help them find the right fit. And, by applying through the platform, they can ensure that the University of their choice is seeing their application, giving them the best chance possible.


7. Uzum – Simplifying Digital Payments


About Uzum


Uzbekistan’s first unicorn, Uzum is a e-commerce startup that allows customers to shop, grow their businesses, process payments and organise food deliveries.

Through their all-in-one platform, Uzum has a range of products to help people buy or sell whatever they want, without having to integrate tools from elsewhere.


8. Growz – Cultivating Agriculture



Growz is an AgriTech startup that uses tech to improve agricultural productivity.

Their tech, which offers a number of options from precision farming to data analytics, are designed to help optimise crops and yield in the most cost efficient way. Growz is helping modernise agriculture in Uzbekistan, ensuring food security and sustainability.


9. AzmaFinance – Financial Book Keeping Online


Azma Finance | Bookkeeping, tax & accounting service for small business &  startups in Uzbekistan


AzmaFinance is a fintech startup that helps small businesses with their book keeping in Uzbekistan.

With a focus on tax calculation and reporting, their products ensure business owners have everything they need to manage their finances effectively.

Marketed to small businesses, Azma is helping companies run more seamlessly in Uzbekistan.

10. Cleanbox – Air Purification



Cleanbox is using technology to produce cleaner air with their air purifiers. Using no UV and harnessing the power of sterilisation, their range of 6 products kills all bacteria.

With a range of sizes and power, Cleanbox is on a mission to help people have cleaner air, without using excess energy.


These 10 startups are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Uzbekistan’s growing startup landscape.

Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to drive forwards the future of innovation and business in Uzbekistan.