3 Technologies Revolutionising Vehicle Industry 

The vehicle industry has really changed how humanity works. We can go freely in a safe space from one place to another, and most of us have learned how to drive. But as wonderful as cars are, they have become quite dangerous to use for transportation means, even more than flying by plane. 

And let’s not forget about the carbon footprint vehicles emit and how dangerous they are to the environment. Despite these facts, cars will be used more in the future, meaning that at some point, they will develop so much that such issues will remain in the past. Therefore, let’s see what the future awaits for the vehicle industry. 


Driverless Cars 

As a response to the overwhelming number of road accidents per year due to drivers falling asleep or losing control over the vehicle, driverless cars are the new technological development. A self-driving car is programmed to drive itself in almost all situations with the help of radar sensors, complex algorithms and machine learning systems.

Their software creates and maintains a map of your surroundings, monitors the car’s speed, and distances itself from the other vehicles. Moreover, it can plot directions and send steering, acceleration and braking signals. 

AI in vehicles may be more beneficial for drivers, as most accidents occur due to speeding up, driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances and distracted driving. These problems would never happen under the control of a systematised vehicle that is programmed to adhere to established rules. 

We already have an example of a self-driving car ―Elon Musk’s Tesla, which has the hardware of an Autopilot that is able to:

  • Match the speed of your car to the ones surrounding it;
  • Assist in steering and moving to adjacent lanes;
  • Help with parallel or perpendicular parking;
  • Move the car through the mobile app.

With all these wonderful features, there have been some concerns regarding this technology, as the program’s inconsistent behaviour is even more dangerous than driving a regular vehicle. All in all, the Autopilot lacks many fundamental features and is still not 100% safe, but it’s a significant step towards having self-driving cars in the future.  



Augmented Reality 

Due to the pandemic, augmented reality has also been boosted in today’s technology. It represents an enhanced version of the real world that is seen through digital apps. To have a better understanding, some AR examples include Snapchat, Pokémon Go, Interior Decoration apps and Google Street view. And lately, it’s been implemented in vehicles too. 

Using a computer within the dashboard, the software program provides the drivers with real-time information regarding their surroundings. It even displays objects that can become hazardous for the driver to help them avoid any accidents. Some cars (BMZ, Jaguar, Mazda) have already added these features to their vehicles, and the trend is expected to increase.

What do these cars have in their dashboards that’s so special?

  • Technology adapted to the driver’s speed.
  • Displaying virtual signposts and direction (the example of Mercedes’s GLE)
  • Intuitive road safety through a heads-up display that shows an obstacle warning or detecting pedestrians. 
  • Providing the option to show text messages and phone calls to your windscreen to avoid using your mobile phone while driving 

These features are needed to prevent accidents for both parts of accidents because we know that sometimes they happen due to someone else’s negligence. In that case, before getting to use all these smart vehicle technologies, there is something you can do if you’re experiencing a car accident. With the proper advisors, you can file a claim and get the compensation you deserve to cover all costs for your vehicle and your medical bills.

As long as you can prove that you suffered physical or psychological damages because of another driver, your case should be successful. You can also opt for a No Win No fee claim so that you’re free of any expenses for the advisor, except if they win your case. 


Electric Batteries

A typical driver can emit about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. As of 2019, there were 1.4 billion cars estimated in the world. These two stats are not good looking for the environment because all the combustible used for vehicles contributes to air pollution, which is one of the worst problems of the world right now. We know that this issue is caused more by the big industries that don’t ever stop from functioning, but after all, the impact we have on the environment is also important to consider. 

Therefore, a solution for alleviating this problem comes from electric car batteries. They apply only to electric cars that are currently using electrical power sources. Green vehicles are believed to produce no direct exhaust or tailpipe emissions but have their issues. For example, the car’s range decreases in extreme temperatures, and even driving up steep inclines can affect their performance. 

Electric cars are better for the environment because:

  • They require lower maintenance than a typical car
  • They don’t need fuel since they work through electrical power.
  • They’re less expensive overall, especially when you can save up to hundreds of pounds per year. 

Another issue with driving a car is not being able to brake fast enough to avoid an accident. And it’s not to blame, because the traffic road is so fast and confusing due to so many people wanting to arrive somewhere as quickly as possible.

For this issue, the regenerative braking system helps the vehicle slow down and make better use of the brakes while saving energy that can be used as electricity to power up its motor. You can find this mechanism even in electric bicycles, and it’s an important improvement for all traffic road participants.

In conclusion, we won’t have to worry about accidents anymore in the future, as the car industry is making great progress in equipping cars with the latest safety technology. From now on, it’s our responsibility to use these mechanisms with caution and keep ourselves informed about our impact with using regular or electric vehicles.


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