5 Easy to Use Platforms to Build Apps Without Coding

You used to need a programmer to make an app in the past, which was both cost-prohibitive and a lengthy development process. Thankfully, times have changed, bringing new technology to the app development industry. There are currently platforms that allow app-building without experience, often within minutes. If you’re looking to develop an app, consider the following five platforms to get started:


This platform is well known within the app developing industry, allowing users to spend a few hours creating apps. These apps can be monetized, making them an incredible income-earning potential. Sign-up is relatively easy, with a free 7-day trial (that doesn’t require any payment input). Simple apps can finish within 30 minutes, provided users have access to the content needed. 


If you’re creating an app, you’ll have the option between pre-established themes or a blank template. As you continue throughout the development process, the integrated tutorial will walk you through the steps needed. Previous applications have included a variety of industries, with dating applications being a popular genre. A sugar daddy app is just one variety of the dating industry niche on the platform.



As a cloud-based app maker, this platform allows the development of Android, HTML5, and iOS apps. You can build as many apps as you’d like with unlimited updates. There are countless features to create your application, from video streaming, live updates, shopping, and more. You can also help users connect with chat room functionality and a shared events calendar.


The software allows code-free development thanks to the drag-and-drop interface. This website is ideal for small or midsize enterprises, with push notifications and custom icons bringing your business in front of customers in real-time. These apps are free to use initially but require final payment before publishing.



Known initially as Como, this application builder allows users to build a mobile application with zero knowledge or experience. The platform has extensive features that will enable monetization, while support enables engaging content. With simple and easy-to-follow steps, users can implement themes for their app effortlessly. These apps work well for anyone wanting to create coupon or loyalty programs with built-in functionality on the site.


While this platform does offer a free version of the program, the monthly rate comes in at $39. It allows mobile commerce and allows unbiased reviews. You’ll also be able to monetize the app using ads throughout the application.



For those looking to create an integrated app, GameSalad is the platform you’ve been looking for. You’ll be able to design, implement, and upload your game using a development suite on the site. This includes drop-down options, check-boxes, and a few lists. It virtually eliminates the need for a developer or coding specialist to put out new games for your audience.


Users are able to download the program completely free but will end up paying $299 annually after you’re finished completing the game. You’ll also find in-app shopping, APIs, and a comprehensive forum that brings a community of like-minded people ready to help you brainstorm or troubleshoot ideas.


Appy Pie

When you’re looking to build apps in the cloud without prior coding knowledge, consider using Appy Pie. This website is perfect for most operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. After the app is complete, it can be uploaded directly to iTunes or the Google Play Store. There are no installations or downloads needed, with a drag-and-drop operation.


The app is technically a hybrid functionality based on HTML5. It works across all platforms (including Blackberry). You’ll be able to monetize your app with ads, use GPS to track locations, analyze analytics in real-time, and send push notifications from the platform. Users will also be able to link websites, radio, media feeds, and blogs to the app.


Things to Consider When Making an App

What operating system will you need?

If you’re looking to develop an app, understanding the operating system is essential. Know your target audience and who’s going to be seeing the platform first. If you’re looking to sell your app, Apple is likely the ideal location. If you want to promote download and use (monetizing through ads), Android is likely the better option.


How Will App Registration Work?

Policies for app registrations are constantly changing, making it harder for developers to be approved. Slight breaches of the terms can have serious consequences. There is no specific timeframe for processing, as it depends on many factors. The app may approve within hours of submission, or it may stay with the team for days at a time.


How are you monetizing the app?

If you’re going to monetize your application, having a plan on which method will bring the most income is crucial. In-app purchases can add to user experiences, ads can overwhelm users if not appropriately used, and the paid version (normally ad-free) can be a worthwhile expense for avid players.


Who is the competition?

The competition is any game, application, or software that competes for your customers. Knowing who they are is a critical first step. Understanding how they target customers, incorporate monetization, and add updates to their apps is also imperative. You don’t want to miss out on potential customers because of the competition.