8 Startups In Angola To Watch

Angola is emerging as one of Africa’s up-and-coming entrepreneurial hubs, with innovative startups popping up across various sectors

Here, we take a look at eight startups that are shaping the future of business in Angola.


1. Tupuca – Online Food Delivery



About us - Tupuca



Tupuca started as a food delivery service but has since evolved to include a wider range of items such as groceries and pharmaceuticals.

Through its marketplace, customers are able to browse, order and arrange delivery of items they need.

With a strong focus on customer service, Tupuca is helping more people in Angola access items with convenience.


2. Kepya – Agricultural Marketplace


Kepya – VC4A


Kepya connects farmers with buyers to help them sell their produce more efficiently. The platform helps create direct connections between local farmers and consumers, helping them sell their produce more easily.

With the country importing billions of $ of food annually, whilst also wasting much of its own domestic crop, Kepya is helping rural farmers boost their income.


3. Jobartis – Job Portal




Jobartis helps link job seekers with employers through their online job portal.

Candidates are able to view, search and apply to jobs, all through one easy to use site. As the leading Job Board in Angola, Jobartis is helping people all over the country search for and secure their ideal job opportunities.


4. Conecta – Internet Connectivity


Conecta Angola


Conecta Angola, whilst not necessarily a startup, is a pioneering project designed to provide free internet connectivity to people all over Angola.

According to Menos Fios, the project is expecting to reach more than 30,000 people in the coming months, driving forward the country’s development.

The company is helping people all over the country connect, work and access online resources, driving forward a more technologically connected Angola.



5. MathFixe – Mathematics Education Platform




MathFixe is an edtech platform helping young people get better at maths. Through online courses, resources and games, MathFixe is helping more young people boost their maths skills.

By making learning more engaging MathFixe is helping build a generation of maths lovers in Angola.


6. Appy Saúde – Online Pharmacy Network


Appy Saúde - Apps on Google Play


Appy Saúde is the largest pharmaceutical network in Angola, allowing users to search for and buy a variety of products.

Not only does the easy-to-use platform help people search for products, it also helps them compare prices to find the best deals. It then arranges delivery, ensuring even those in rural communities have access to affordable healthcare.


7. Cyto – International Money Transfers


CYTO: Reshaping the Southern African financial landscape


Cyto is helping people in Angola simplify international transfers through their online app.

Boasting a quick service with no hidden fees, Cyto ensures people have total control over their money – allowing them to send it with total peace of mind.


8. BayQi – Digital Payment Software


File:BayQi. logotipo.png - Wikimedia Commons


BayQi is a company that is helping build a cashless society through its online payment solutions.

Offering an easy to use and secure payment gateway, the app allows anyone to generate a payment link instantly, no matter where they are.