8 Startups In Ghana To Keep An Eye On

Ghana is fast becoming one of Africa’s most exciting startup ecosystems, with companies from a variety of sectors innovating in their fields.

From fintech to agritech and edtech, join us as we look at eight companies that are actively shaping the future of Ghana. Here’s a closer look at these movers and shakers:


1. Cowtribe: Veterinary Vaccination Services


CowTribe – Fledge


Cowtribe is an animal vaccine distribution platform, designed to help rural farmers access the medication they need for their livestock.

Boasting a quick, broad and affordable selection of products, Cowtribe is helping improve access to health products and in turn promote more productive and lucrative ventures for farmers.


2. Smartsapp: School Management


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Smartsapp is helping students and teachers with their learning through its school management software.

The platform enhances communication between teachers and students through helping them organise assignments and collaborate more easily. Not only that, but parents can sign on to track progress, making it a useful platform to supercharge learnings.


3. Swoove: Logistics Operations Software


Catalyst Fund


Swoove is helping businesses navigate logistics challenges in Ghana with its all in one delivery platform.

By allowing companies to manage their drivers, orders and track any issues, Swoove is helping businesses reliably send products across urban and rural areas in Ghana.

4. Infinet Wallet: Moving Money Fast


Infinet Wallet Ltd | F6S


Infinet Wallet is helping more people manage their money in Ghana.

Their platform allows users to transfer money globally quickly and efficiently. Infinet Wallet stand out for their secure and straightforward systems, making them a key player in Ghana’s fintech landscape.



5. Farmerline: Empowering Farmers To Be More Sustainable


Farmerline secures GHC 97 million to support African agribusinesses -  Access Agric


Farmerline is helping empower farmers in Ghana to become more eco-friendly. Through helping them adopt drought resistant seeds, transition to solar power and use organic fertilisers, the startup is helping make the farming sector more green.

Not only that, through tailored financing, the company is helping remove any barriers preventing farmers from adopting more sustainable practices.


6. Kwidex: Empowerment Through Investment


Kwidex - Agricultural Financing made Easy


Kwidex is helping more people invest in the companies that they love through their easy-to-use platform.

It not only helps consumers invest and grow their money, but also offers a platform for startups to crowdfund. Through guiding them through the process, Kwidex makes it easier for businesses and individuals to invest and grow their money in tandem.


7. eCampus: Learning Without Limits


eCampus | Home


eCampus is helping more people supercharge their learning with its online platform that offers various educational resources and courses.

Perfect for students of all ages, eCampus makes learning accessible anywhere and anytime, allowing them to study and upskill whenever and wherever they want.


8. Grow For Me: Agricultural Investment


growforme image


Grow For Me is an agricultural innovator that allows individuals to sponsor farm cycles and share in the profits.

By linking investors and sponsors with real farmers, Grow For Me not only boosts agricultural productivity but also promotes sustainable and local investments for consumers.