8 Startups in Mauritius To Keep An Eye On

Mauritius, known as a tranquil island paradise with gorgeous beaches and friendly locals is also home to an incredible group of startups.

In fact, with an innovative spirit driving this emerging economy, the island is becoming a hotspot for new and exciting startups.

Join us as we take a look at 8 Mauritian startups making waves in their industries.


1. CoffeeChat — Remote Networking Platform


CoffeeChat - Meaningful conversations


CoffeeChat is a platform designed to help people network and build meaningful connections with other professionals globally.

By connecting people for informal coffee chats, this startup is helping more people expand their professional networks. Particularly good for those working in smaller economies or remotely, CoffeeChat is a great way to meet new people, wherever you are.


2. Kreekafrica — African Freelancing Hub




Targeting professionals in the wider African market, Kreekafrica is a freelancing platform that connects digital workers with businesses across the continent and globally.

From tech to copywriting, asset editing and software development, Kreekafrica is helping more freelancers across Africa connect with the businesses that need them.


3. Kuunda — FinTech Money Management


Kuunda - Tailored liquidity solutions built through meaningful  collaboration.


Kuunda is a B2B digital lending business that has already launched across a number of African countries.

Headquartered in Mauritius, the company is on a mission to provide financial support to consumers and businesses. Through their bespoke API, the company ensures secure financing is accessible in real-time to those that need it.


4. Bongéni — Efficient Local Logistics


Mauritius Express Courier, Home Delivery and Moving Company | Bongéni


Bongéni is helping supercharge local logistics in Mauritius with its platform that offers fast, flexible, and trustworthy delivery.

By helping businesses reach more clients, or ship internationally, the company is helping the local economy flourish.

Not only that, the services are also offered to individuals, helping them save time when it comes to transport logistics.



5. Grubmates — Food Delivery Service


Grubmates - local delivery from any place within an hour.


Grubmates is taking the Mauritian food delivery industry by storm with its on-demand food delivery platform.

By partnering with local restaurants, this startup is ensuring that delicious meals are just a tap away.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and quick service, Grubmates is becoming a go-to app for food lovers across the island.


6. Talenteum — Remote Talent Recruitment


TALENTEUM Jobs, Working at TALENTEUM - myjob.mu


Talenteum is giving companies worldwide access to talent in Africa by connecting workers and businesses online.

With the global remote working trend getting bigger, this approach not only opens up global work opportunities for African workers, but also helps companies find the talent that they need to thrive.


7. Vite! — On-Demand Taxi & Delivery Services


Vite Home - Vite Mauritius


Think of it as the Uber of Mauritius, Vite! is changing the way Mauritians travel with its quick and reliable taxi booking service.

Through their app, locals can easily book rides that are safe and cost-effective, allowing them to be picked up quickly.

The company also provides a food delivery service as well as tours to help the country’s big tourist economy explore the island.


8. PEX International — Global Payment Systems


PEX International - Crunchbase Investor Profile & Investments


PEX is on a mission to provide secure, efficient and cost-effective payments to customers in both Africa and Asia.

Through providing tailored solutions to its customers, the company is able to grow at pace, already eyeing up the Asian market.