Event Management Platform Accelevents Unveils New Framework to Help Startups


With recent advancements in technology, many startup organisations are turning to virtual and hybrid events to generate rapid growth and user acquisition. Event management platform Accelevents recently unveiled a Growth Acceleration Framework to help brands, event organisers, and marketers deliver more value to their stakeholders by driving sustainable organisational growth with event technology. Through a series of five steps, this framework conceptualises the process of generating actionable analytics to drive strategic decisions that result in tangible outcomes.


The beginning steps of the framework address building attendee personas and securing speakers and sponsors that will provide optimal value to your audience. Segmenting your audience starting at the time of registration, offering personalised agenda tracks during the event, and designing post-event communication specifically for specific personas are all critical factors to growth, and the overall success of events. Of course you can’t forget to “wow” attendees through live streams, several networking opportunities, and the ability to “walk around” an expo hall. Reviewing and analysing event data is imperative to understanding an event’s success and how to move forward as an organisation. The Accelevents platform makes each of the steps of the growth acceleration framework a breeze. 


Allen Yesilevich, Head of Growth & Marketing at Accelevents, commented:

“Hosting events was once thought of as an additional expense but are now proving to be sustainable investments and an effective way to provide evergreen content. If you can engage your community on a more frequent basis throughout the year, opposed to a one-and-done event, it’s a fantastic way to accelerate growth.”


Over the last year, Accelevents has experienced significant growth as the platform continues to evolve alongside the emerging needs of event organisers. With a foundation and legacy in face-to-face event technology, Accelevents is also well-positioned to provide solutions for both virtual and hybrid events as in-person events incrementally return.

About Accelevents


Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual & hybrid events platform that empowers event organisers and marketing professionals to create authentic human connections and drive sustainable growth. As a leading event technology platform, Accelevents is redefining the way brands connect with their audiences with a user-friendly yet robust set of customisable and interactive features. Attendees can watch keynote talks, attend multiple breakout sessions, engage within workshops, interact with virtual exhibitors, network with groups or individuals, answer polls, download materials, and participate in live chats. They also offer 24/7 live customer support.