Ads in Football Matches To Be More Personalised and Targeted

A California-based startup, 4D Sights, is able to replace existing ads on football matches and provide something that is more personalised and targeted, TechRound is told.

Remember that classic Liverpool vs Newcastle game, well, you could find new and more modern adverts on the billboards on the side of the pitch, thanks to dynamic ads that are being generated by 4D Sights using AI.

The content is streamed to the 4D Sight servers, the ads are inserted and then released back into the stream, all in under 0.4 seconds. Those viewers in Europe, America, Asia and Africa will all see different ads, which will be more personalised to their region.

“The core technology processes livestreams in real-time and inserts ads frame by frame at perfect position under 0.4 seconds,” CEO Erhan Ciris confirms.

“We are a technology provider for the media rights holder who is capable of deploying our native ad formats. We can overlay existing ads with new ads if that’s their goal.

“We can also localise existing physical ads for different geographies and demographics.”



The firm’s technology can even be used to replace ads and artwork in films and TV shows. So far it has been trialed on an episode of Friends where a poster in the background of Central Perk changes to a modern day ad.

This is an interesting opportunity also for video game operators who can monetise on-screen activity and personalise backgrounds and adverts according to geographies.

The company 4D Sights is currently targeting the North American market, with roll-outs across the globe expected in the near future.

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