Advanced Web Tracking is the best SEO tool in the world


One of the hardest things for SEO practitioners is finding a way to make SEO measurable. With clients always focused on results and reporting this onto senior staff, measuring has always been an issue and has no doubt caused several SEO agents to lose work to the ugly sister, pay-per-click advertising (PPC). After all, through Adwords or Bing Ads, it is extremely measurable as you can see how much you are paying for a click, keyword, advert and position you get.

But just because SEO is hard to measure does not mean it should be ruled out. The sites that feature in Google’s organic search listings are far more trusted than paid ads (by as much as 94%) and it works out to be a lot more cost effective long term as you can stay more permanently on Google’s rankings and not have to rely on paying for adverts and monitoring them. Many people use tools that act as an SEO title checker, broken link monitoring or otherwise, but tracking is key to SEO and this is where Advanced Web Ranking comes in.

Introducing Advanced Web Ranking

The Cloud version of Advanced Web Ranking, also known as AWR or AWR Cloud, is quite possibly the most effective SEO measurement tool ever created is quite possibly the most effective SEO measurement tool ever created. The Romanian-based startup has created an easy way for websites to track the progress of all their keywords.
How Does It Work?
You start by creating an account and adding a new website (e.g. You then list all your desired keywords, location (e.g UK) and search engine that you are targeting (e.g and presto! You will receive a daily update first thing in the morning (around 5am) sent to you by email giving you an overview of all your keywords and how they have gone up and down in the last 24 hours. Simple.

Better Reporting

For an SEO agency, freelancer or someone in-house, this is a reporting dream. Not only do you see the daily ups and downs, it is connected to Google’s Keyword Planner so you can see how many monthly searches each keyword is getting and the cost-per-click – so you can decide to focus on some areas more than others.
When reporting for your clients or senior staff, you can pick the dates to show the progress of your rankings  for the last week, month or year (or whenever you started tracking the data). The reports can also be white-labelled so you can put your own brand logo or your client’s logo on the report and then schedule them automatically to be emailed to the people that need it.

Some Other Useful Features

Competitor Analysis: You can track your client or company’s keyword rankings alongside those of competitors – allowing you to spot any trends or techniques and stay ahead of the game.
Mobile Search: AWR allows you to track the positions of your keywords when people are searching on Google and Bing by mobile. Searching on mobile devices is increasing year-upon-year and the listings you see in mobile search are typically different to those on a desktop, so this feature gives you full range of your mobile results and where you can make improvements.
Local Tracking: Your search rankings can be tracked on a local basis too, including cities, towns and parts of the country. This is perfect for Google’s algorithm that continues to focus more on local search results and is ideal for schools, dentists, restaurants, libraries and any other local businesses.
Connect to Google Tools: AWR can be easily connected to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools so that you can see the number of visits to your site and keyword volumes all in one place.
SEO Audit Tool: For a quick SEO audit, you can see useful things like broken links, too many links, missing metadata and duplicate metadata too.


Pricing starts at $49 per month to track 2,000 keywords. The pricing works on ‘tracking number of keywords’ so whether you add lots of keywords and request them daily will use up your quota. Other pricing options include:

Pro – $99 – 7,000 keywords

Agency – $199 – 14,500 keywords

Entreprise – $499 – 35,500 keywords

Other SEO Tools We Recommend

SEMrush shows you all the keywords and rankings for a website. Ideal for doing research or a new client, you can see exactly where they rank and what for, for both organic and paid media. However, you cannot select the keywords you want, you only see the suggestions or what SEMrush can pick up and the results are not updated daily.
Majestic – less for daily rankings, this is the most effective way to find the links pointing to your site and the value of each link. Using this, you can see which good links you have acquired and remove any bad ones. Researching the links of competitors has also never been so easy.
ScreamingFrog – This crawls an entire website for you so you can see every URL, image, link and all meta data. You will need to download this tool (free trials available) and this can help you spot any discrepancies such as duplicate meta-data, duplicate URLs, broken links and images that are too big.