Are Standing Desks Worth It? A Review

Standing desks are increasingly popular because of the many health benefits they bring. But, they are relatively new to the working world. As a result, many may be left uncertain that standing desks are worth it. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to try out one out. So, what’s the final verdict? Keep reading to find out! 

How Are Standing Desks Good for You?

According to research, the core health benefits of standing desks are their ability to reduce blood sugar levels and the risk of shoulder and back pain. Sitting around all day has an impact on our overall health. Presumably, sitting down for long periods without any movement can increase your chances of: 

  • Obesity 
  • Diabetes 
  • Cardiovascular disease 
  • Cancer 

Luckily, standing desks are made to prevent such health problems occurring. Moreover, they can switch up your daily work routine if you work remotely – sitting around all day is never fun! 

Standing desks, moreover, have become all the rage. There are four types of standing desks: manual, electronic, convertors and portable. Whichever suits you best will depend on your budget, personal requirements and what you’d like to benefit from the standing desk. 

But are they worth it? I put an electronic standing desk to the test. 

Behold, the EZ Shopper standing desk. 

The Benefits of the EZ Shopper Standing Desk

Now that I have used an electronic standing desk, there is no going back. The EZ Shopper standing desk is sleek, fits my apartment decor well and has helped alleviate my back pain from sitting down for several hours. I would definitely recommend the switch to a standing desk if you are considering it. Some of the main benefits of the standing desk I’ve found so far are as follows:


The main benefit of the EZ Shopper standing desk is that it was easy to install and configure to my sitting and standing heights. So, whenever I want to stand or sit down, I simply press a button, and it automatically moves. It is very adjustable and comfortable to use throughout the work day. So, if you’re debating between an electronic and manual standing desk this is something to consider. 

Build Quality 

Although the actual desk comes in two parts, which results in a noticeable line on the desk when put together, the overall finish is modern and stylish. The build quality of the desk itself is good and has been easy to use thus far. 


The EZ Shopper standing desk is the perfect size. It’s not too large that it stands out yet is big enough to fit two monitors, a laptop, a keyboard as well as other accessories you might fancy! One of the major benefits of this specific standing desk is that it is just the right size.

Other Added Features

Another great added feature of the EZ Shopper standing desk is the cable tidiers. You can purchase the cable tidier net in addition to the standing desk, and has been a great way to make my office space more organised and tidy. So, no more messy cables and wires hanging everywhere! 

Final Verdict: Is the EZ Shopper Standing Desk Worth It? 

The only drawback to the EZ Shopper standing desk is the assembly instructions. The manual handbook and online video instructions didn’t quite match up – so, you’ll likely need some extra patience and a helping hand when assembling it. 

But, overall, the EZ Shopper standing desk is worth it. It has helped my productivity and concentration levels greatly. So, if you’re considering the switch to a standing desk – go for it.