Audio fitness: an affordable and flexible alternative to the gym?

Imagine if you could cut out gym membership and fitness class fees from your monthly budget, and still manage to stay motivated to keep fit. If you’re guilty of your cheat day turning into a few months, keep reading because there’s a quick fix to get you back on track, whilst still saving the pennies too.

The audio fitness app Auro, offers convenience to a growing number of individuals who want to achieve their fitness goals – with or without a gym membership. The app uses intelligent technology, world-class training and personalised guidance to  provide you with the freedom to work out anytime and anywhere, led by a fitness expert. The ease, convenience, variety, affordability and effectiveness of audio fitness is a tough one to beat. Auro also offer a 14-day free trial so you can give it a go before you commit.  

You will get a rundown of your workout, whilst trainers instruct you on maintaining proper form. You can connect your smartwatch or compatible heart rate monitor to track your metrics in real-time and run like a pro with Auro’s in-app smart tracking. The experience is similar to having a one-on-one personal trainer, except you get to choose from fourteen instead of just one.

The benefits go beyond the convenience and savings that it can provide. It allows you to build up your confidence and gamifies your fitness experience, constantly pushing you further to reach your desired goal, whether that be becoming more mindful with yoga and meditation classes, breaking a sweat with HIIT and outdoor runs or maybe even building strength and toning up with some classic machine and equipment based strength training.

Apps like Auro are revolutionising the world of fitness. Since lockdown began, Auro have seen a remarkable jump in app installs, almost doubling each month. People will likely shy away from gyms for a while to come, as they tend to be breeding grounds for the spread of bacteria and illness. Audio fitness is a great alternative, and enables more flexibility. Coronavirus is a catalyst for all sorts of changes, particularly in the world of tech – many of which we might not expect or predict. Perhaps a move away from gyms and a growing preference for apps and working out from home is one of them.

In a post-COVID world, could audio fitness become the mainstream?