Auslogics’ BoostSpeed 12 Overview


For those wanting to optimise their Windows 10, Auslogics’ BoostSpeed 12 may be just the product for you.




The BoostSpeed 12 is Auslogics’ newest version of its popular, all-in-one suite of tools, helping to boost your PC’s performance. The product has over 10 years’ experience on the market, holds 5-star awards from industry experts, and so far has gotten more than 15 million user downloads.


What Can BoostSpeed 12 Do?


BoostSpeed can do quite a lot for your Windows computer. In fact, any maintenance or optimisation task can be easily handled with this powerful and effective software suite. Add to that the privacy protection, data recovery and over a dozen other tools, and you will hardly ever need to look for another program to keep your PC humming along nicely.

In BoostSpeed 12 you get all of the following features:

  • Can help to remove unneeded applications – BoostSpeed 12 can uninstall programs that users no longer need, along with all traces that they could possibly leave.
  • Can disable startup programs – The product can be used to assess the apps on your PC that are set to run when it starts up, and disables any that are unnecessary. This means that user’s Windows will be able to startup at a faster rate.
  • Clean user’s Windows registry – Helps to prevent system glitches caused by empty, corrupt or invalid keys by removing these keys from the Windows registry.
  • Defragments drives – Can help a user’s system access data on their drives at a faster rate by piecing together scattered file pieces while helping to prevent file fragmentation.
  • Cleans out any junk – BoostSpeed 12 helps to check common locations on user’s PCs that could hold temporary files, old logs cache and other junk. After identifying this, such junk can be cleared out in just a click.

Those listed above are just some of the many features BoostSpeed 12 can offer to PC users.


How Does BoostSpeed 12 Work?


As previously touched on, BoostSpeed 12 offers an all-in-one suite of tools to help, as its name suggests, to boost the performance of user’s PCs. But how exactly does this Auslogics’ product achieve this?




The BoostSpeed 12 software helps PC users to run a variety of different tasks, all helping the product to achieve its extensive list of benefits.

This innovative tool diagnoses PC user’s Windows system, running a complete checkup of their entire system, in which locates junk files, as well as any issues which reduces speed, as well as those responsible for crashes and glitches. Auslogics state that…

“Through a lot of research and testing, we have worked out precise techniques that allow locating issues, which can be safely removed with no risk of damaging your operating system.”

The BoostSpeed 12 cleans out junk files, helping to reclaim gigabytes of hard disk space, able to do this carefully without damaging anything important or essential, offering a restored system stability with no worrisome side effects.

On top of helping to optimise your PC’s performance, BoostSpeed 12 also helps to keep user’s personal details protected via its privacy-enhancing tools. These tools help to erase traces of sensitive data (e.g. passwords or bank account details) from user’s hard drives, safeguarding personal and private information from the likes of hackers.


How Much Does BoostSpeed 12 Cost?


Auslogics offer both a free version and a pro, paid-for version of its BoostSpeed 12 product. With the free version, users can benefit from essential PC cleanup and optimisation, manual internet optimisation, basic privacy protection, Context Menu Manager, Application Addons Manager, basic registry cleanup, basic junk cleanup to free up disk space and disk defragmentation to speed up data access.

The Pro version offers all of these features plus the following benefits:

  • Advanced PC cleanup and optimisation.
  • Automatic internet optimisation.
  • Advanced privacy protection for all stored data on users’ PCs.
  • Browser Anti-Tracker (helping to protect users’ privacy while online).
  • Full registry cleanup.
  • Advanced disk cleanup.
  • Unlimited use of all advanced PC tools.
  • and more…

The BoostSpeed 12 Pro product is available for £45.85 per year. Visit Auslogics’ product page on BoostSpeed 12 to find out more on all of the benefits on offer, as well as details regarding the cost of products and how to download/purchase the two versions available.