Avalon Holographics Pioneers ‘True’ 3D Holographic Displays


Avalon Holographics is a Canadian SMB that is pioneering development of one of the world’s first “true” 3D holographic displays. The patented display technologies will transform the way users view and interact with complex information, allowing users to experience “natural” 3D without the nausea, fatigue, and other physical effects of using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices.

3D technologies have always chased the ultimate dream of an experience that is indistinguishable from reality. Avalon Holographics is leading the next wave of display technology with professional holographic displays that revolutionise the way we produce, view and understand visual content. We tackle monumental technological challenges everyday, from building hardware to developing software and everything in between. This variety and volume of work requires strong leadership, experience, and expertise to ensure projects run smoothly and seamlessly.

Avalon was founded in 2015 by Wally Haas & Russ Baker, both successful and experienced entrepreneurs. Wally, Avalon’s President, has over 20 years experience  in high tech industries.

In 2010, he sold his first venture Avalon Micro Electronics to Altera, which was acquired by Intel in 2015. Russ Baker serves as Co-Founder and VP of Business Development . He helped seed the idea that became Avalon Holographics and has spent most of his career in tech startups. Avalon is his fifth startup, with the previous four all leading to successful acquisitions. Avalon is headquartered in St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador with a nanofabrication lab in Edmonton, Alberta and a business development office in Ottawa, Ontario.

Avalon Holographics
Wally Haas


Avalon Holographics
Russ Baker


We’ve been building our technology for over 6 years already, with a seasoned team of advisors that includes display industry veterans, have over 50+ staff with 14+ PhDs, and we’ve identified well over 70 core patent opportunities with the first fourteen granted and several more filings underway.


With a myriad of applications including medical, defence, and consumer use cases, Avalon Holographics is poised to disrupt the industry while setting the standard for holographic displays. In high stakes environments such as operating rooms and combat battlefields, critical mistakes are being made resulting in lost lives and hundreds of millions of dollars in increased costs. Existing solutions such as 3D printed models and VR tools fail to overcome critical cognitive blocks and lack situational awareness at the root of these problems. At Avalon Holographics we create professional holographic displays, by replicating the experience of looking at real objects from different angles, our customers will dramatically reduce cognitive load and save time, money, and lives.