Baby Reindeer: Can Tech Protect Us From Stalkers?

Netflix’s new series Baby Reindeer has spread like wildfire, sparking conversations about the dangers of stalkers.

The series follows a bartender/comedian that is being stalked by a woman named Martha. Throughout the series, Martha pops up in unexpected places, tormenting the series’ protagonist.

As the devices we use become more technologically advanced, so do the people who are able to access them. As many people operate with digital devices by their side all day, concerns around privacy are at an all time high, especially when it comes to stalking.

In the UK, according to the ONS, in the year ending March 2023, 4.4% of women and 2.4% of men reported experiencing stalking. With cases on the rise, the question of whether technology can be a blessing or a burden is an important one. On the one hand, technology allows us to be more easily traced, but on the other, it can provide useful tools to ward off stalkers.


The Use Of Tech For Stalking


Stalking through technology, or cyberstalking, can involve a number of tools designed to harass and intimidate others. Some of these tools include:


Social Media Monitoring

Stalkers often use social media to keep tabs on their victims and try and figure out where they are. This can include watching their posts, comments, locations and even the interactions they have with others.

By creating fake profiles, stalkers can gather information and watch from afar, without being detected.


GPS Tracking

A dangerous but common tactic used by stalkers involves some kind of GPS tracking. Many personal devices like phones and laptops now come with GPS. If they know what they’re doing, stalkers can use this technology to track down a person’s location. This can be done in a number of ways, from hidden apps to tracking devices, making them a versatile tool for stalkers.




Spyware programmes can be installed on a person’s device and then record data like screen shots, internet usage and message tracking.

Whilst these need to be downloaded directly, once installed they can provide a stalker with detailed information about a person’s online activities.



Not a particularly modern piece of tech, but definitely getting easier to hide, cameras, webcams and smartphones are able to be placed in specific areas without a person’s knowledge. Not only is this a serious invasion of privacy, it also allows for real-time monitoring from stalkers, making tracking a person’s location easier.



Another way that stalkers can use tech to get closer to victims is through catfishing (creating fake profiles). These profiles interact with a befriend targets, deceiving them into revealing information and manipulating them. Staying vigilant with strangers online is an important way to safeguard against catfishing, especially as online personas become more advanced.


Can Tech Protect Us From Stalkers?


Whilst tech can’t replace vigilance when it comes to stalking, it can lend a helping hand when it comes to safeguarding. Here are a few devices and apps to help:


Privacy-Focused Communication Apps

Apps like Signal and Telegram offer end-to-end encryption for messages and calls, ensuring that all communication is secure and cannot be viewed by third parties, including stalkers. Review the privacy policy on your apps to ensure they protect against any unusual activity.


Smart Doorbells And Cameras

Ring and Google Nest Hello are smart doorbells that include a camera, speaker, and microphone, allowing you to see anyone that approaches your home, without opening the door. These devices are great deterrents, as they can record footage which can be used to identify and testify against stalkers.


Personal Safety Apps

Personal safety apps offer features like emergency SOS alerts, location tracking, and silent alarms that can be triggered if a person feels threatened. These apps can notify certain contacts or the police, providing real-time security against any threatening activity.


Device Detectors

A device detector can help identify hidden cameras, listening devices or GPS trackers that a stalker might have put in a certain place without a victim’s knowledge. As these devices are commonly hidden to avoid detection, using specific tech to find them can help safeguard against hidden threats.




While technology has unfortunately created new methods for stalkers to watch their victims, it has also provided a set of tools to help safeguard against invasions of privacy.

From apps, to device detectors and smart cameras, victims now have more tech than ever at their disposal to help improve their safety.