Benefits of Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) Platforms For Large Businesses

Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) is a relatively new and fast-rising digital solution for large businesses. It is an upgrade to the traditional call centre technology that companies have been using to keep in touch with customers within and outside of working hours.

With CCaaS solutions businesses can employ various digital channels as well as voice calls to manage their customer experience. Besides, CCaaS helps large companies manage a cloud-based virtual contact centre that can address simultaneous queries across different platforms. Keep reading to learn how contact centre platforms can serve large B2C (business to consumer) services.

Fast and Reliable Service Payments

One key benefit of contact centre software for businesses is visibility on interaction histories. Billing issues, product issues, queries are much easier to solve with the right context thanks to cutting-edge technology. When it comes to fast resolution of billing issues, for example a secure IVR payment system (interactive voice response payment), enables customers to pay for services from their phone during a voice call. This can either be fully automated, bypassing call queues for speed, or integrated into a call with an agent.

The self-service model allows customers to call a company’s dedicated phone number and choose payment from the phone menu which with a CCaaS solution can also be based on intelligent IVR.

The call is then transferred to an automated IVR payment system. Customers can input their payment card details easily and with confidence in the security of the process. In the agent-assisted model, the customer calls are transferred by the agent when payment is appropriate to resolve an issue, they can also return to speak to the agent afterwards. Thanks to the fully automated service this system offers a nonstop channel for bill payment, even outside working hours.

Enhanced Customer Experience

In the past, many people preferred to call companies when they bumped into difficulties with a product or service. Today, the availability of different communication channels like emails and live chats has changed the trend. CCaaS platforms provide an omnichannel experience, which means that business agents can meet with customers on whatever platform is convenient.

The advantage this brings to a company is that not only can they communicate on the channel the customer prefers but agents have visibility on everything. Problems can be more easily solved thanks to more informed decision making. This type of omnichannel strategy provides better customer relationships and satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Solution

CCssS platforms are cost-effective and scalable which is a massive benefit for large businesses. It provides up-to-date tech to agents wherever they are and regardless of how many live agents are needed. Pricing reflects usage. This creates the flexibility to cater to peaks in demand or set up a new team of agents as the business grows.

Increased Staff Performance and Job Satistaction

Cloud-based contact centre platforms also afford more flexibility in a typical work setting. Traditionally, staff members and agents were expected to be in a physical contact centre to carry out their jobs and responsibilities. Now, company agents can work from home all they need is secure login details and access to the software in the cloud.

This flexibility gives agents more freedom, convenience, and work satisfaction. Besides the inherent cost efficiencies of a CCaaS platform some companies may even find they can downsize their physical premise or make other maintenance savings.

Enhanced Productivity

CCaaS platforms provide multiple tools and capabilities to agents and staff members. These include call monitoring, online meetings, and instant messaging software. These tools help agents work faster and more efficiently, which increases productivity in the long run. Moreover, it’s common knowledge that regular reporting and analysis of work performance are pivotal tools in measuring and managing company growth and success. As such, CCaaS software is an excellent tool for creating customised and visual automated reports.

These reports will in turn assist supervisors to target weaknesses by coaching individuals or devising new strategies to improve contact centre performance as a whole. Lastly, CCaaS platforms help automate repetitive tasks within a workplace. This helps reduce the need for agents to perform mundane tasks and focus on using their professional skills for customer satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that the key to a successful business is often providing customer experiences that outshine your competitors. One of the fastest ways to simplify this process and operational new strategies is with the comprehensive tools in contact centre software.

It’s no surprise that some studies project that contact centre software will have a value of more than seventy billion dollars by 2027. The reason is that this software is a vital connection tool between a company and its customers. Hence, embracing this cutting-edge technology is a step in the right direction for companies looking to succeed by putting customer satisfaction first.