Boost Your Business With eM Client: Now For Desktop And Mobile

Your inbox is key for facilitating communication – from interacting with clients to everyday communication with your team. The best way to maintain your email account is by using an email application, like eM Client, giving you access to tools for added efficiency and innovation.

eM Client has been a business staple in the industry for nearly two decades. And with the exciting launch of the eM Client mobile application – you can finally access your inbox on the go. 


Seamless Collaboration For Your Team


eM Client offers features designed to streamline your workday and enhance collaboration within your team. From shared calendars to seamless integration with popular online meeting platforms like Google Meet and Zoom; eM Client’s synchronisation options ensure that you can access everything you need within one application.



Efficiency At Your Fingertips


No need to log into webmail or any other external applications to access your calendar, inbox, tasks, or notes. Efficiency is built into eM Client; making it an all-in-one solution to managing your schedule, contacts, and inbox.

Features like mass mail and distribution lists allow you to deliver customised communications to your target audience with a few clicks. Thread and conversation views provide control over group discussions, while intuitive organisation systems and automated message sorting ensure that your inbox remains clutter-free and optimised for productivity. Have more than one inbox to manage? Add multiple inboxes to the side panel and quickly switch between them to access all the information you need.

Looking for a file from your manager or a specific message from a potential client? eM Client’s advanced search functionality has you covered – making searching through your inbox a painless process. With customisable search options, including sent and received times, keywords, and tags, locating vital information is effortless.


Enhanced Security Measures 


eM Client prioritises security at every level on both desktop and mobile; giving you the option to use built-in end-to-end encryption, protecting your messages and files from interception and unauthorised access. eM Client is also the only mobile email application on the market with options for PGP and S/MIME encryption. These security options include the ability to download certificates and access public keys from eM Keybook,, and Proton.

Customise security preferences to align with your organisation’s standards, ensuring comprehensive protection from potential threats. Additionally, eM Client’s email-tracking pixel detector provides an extra layer of defense against intrusive data tracking, protecting your privacy and confidentiality.


Stay Connected Anywhere With iOS and Android Version


With the release of the eM Client mobile app for iOS and Android devices, staying productive in the office or on the go is easier than ever. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that mimics the familiar desktop version – with options for customising nearly any detail.