Charlotte Tilbury Enters The Tech Space With New Beauty App


—In Partnership With Charlotte Tilbury—

Earlier this month, Charlotte Tilbury launched its first-ever app, the Charlotte Tilbury beauty app. The Charlotte Tilbury brand is the fastest-growing beauty brand of all time, offering a range of skincare and makeup products aimed to empower natural beauty.

The founder of the eponymous brand, Charlotte Tilbury MBE, is a leading makeup artist who is known as THE makeup artist for high-profile clients including celebrities and VIPs. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the brand would take such an innovative step into the tech space with its new Charlotte Tilbury app

The Charlotte Tilbury App

The Charlotte Tilbury app is designed to revolutionise the beauty industry, using the power of tech to simplify beauty for everyone, everywhere. Upon opening the application, users are met with an image of Charlotte herself and an inspirational audio quote. These features remind users of the personality behind the brand and work to harness the power of Charlotte’s artistry expertise.  

The app appears to be designed for all users, no matter their level of beauty expertise with information on makeup application, skin routines, shade matches, beauty news, how-to tutorials and more. No matter whether you are a new or existing Charlotte Tilbury customer, the app makes finding your makeup style super easy and accessible.

Here’s what Charlotte herself had to say: ‘My app is like having me in your pocket – 24/7 – so that everyone, everywhere, can download beauty confidence! It’s a beauty tech world-first, the only place you can access a truly immersive and empowering beauty experience all in one app!’ 

Tech Features Of The Charlotte Tilbury App

There are numerous features on the new Charlotte Tilbury app, ensuring users have an extensive beauty experience, rather than solely advertising their products. This is the first of its kind we have seen and helps to position Charlotte Tilbury at the forefront of beauty innovation. When downloading the app you can find:

Personalised Beauty Wardrobe In 60 Seconds

Using AI-powered pro beauty tech tools including the Pro Skin Analysis tool and Pro Shade Match tool, users can learn about their skin type, receive expert advice, and find the right shade for their skin tone in less than a minute.

How-To, Augmented Reality Tutorials

While watching a detailed how-to video, users can see and purchase the products used, making it straightforward for viewers to transfer the tips learnt into their own lives and removing any confusion surrounding products used. Plus, there are tutorials on iconic red carpet looks including the likes of Britney Spears, Bella Hadid, and Kate Moss.

Virtual Consultations

The Charlotte Tilbury app offers both free and paid for 1-2-1 virtual consultations with beauty experts, trained by Charlotte Tilbury herself, who can help guide users through the shopping experience and reveal key beauty tricks.  

Next-Generation Shopping Experience

Using the pro beauty tech tools and virtual consultations, users are able to have a completely personalised shopping experience with recommendations as to what would work best, ultimately revolutionising online shopping.

Plus, users can enjoy exclusive first access to breaking beauty news, chances to win and app-only product launches. as well as behind-the-scenes content from the red carpet, and access to Charlotte Tilbury’s new innovations. This is more than just a beauty app, it is designed to teach and inspire people on how makeup can be used, how to care for our skin, and to nurture confidence. 

Download The Charlotte Tilbury App

As a combination of shopping, professional tutorials, consultations, and AI-powered tech, there is a lot to love about the new Charlotte Tilbury app. There is a personal touch to the app which allows users to feel as if they know Charlotte herself and are welcomed into her world. Plus, the sheer number of features available helps to ensure there will be something for everyone to enjoy and return to. Much like the founder, the Charlotte Tilbury app is pioneering in the beauty industry – why not check it out for yourself?

The Charlotte Tilbury app is available on iOS and Android for free. Download it for yourself to look and feel your most beautiful and confident every day.

—In Partnership With Charlotte Tilbury—