CodeSee Announces $3M in Seed Funding


CodeSee, the world’s only solution for continuous understanding of complex codebases, recently announced that it has raised $3M in seed funding. The new funding will support the company’s rapid growth and fuel its ongoing development and delivery to developers globally.

The round was co-led by boldstart ventures and Uncork Capital, with participation from DCVC, Precursor Ventures and Salesforce Ventures, as well as other prominent angel investors including Edith Harbaugh of LaunchDarkly, and Guy Podjarny of Snyk, Dan Bentley of Tilt, Adam Sah of CVS Health Tech.

CodeSee helps organisations solve a major problem in today’s world of accelerated application delivery: as codebases grow, there’s a lack of shared understanding of how code is meant to function as a whole. Not surprisingly, many developers are spending more time trying to understand code than writing it.

With its ability to automatically generate codebase maps and update them in real time, CodeSee provides development teams a single, accurate source of truth. They can make informed decisions operating from the same visual model. Moreover, CodeSee interactive visualisations help organisations improve onboarding by reducing the time developers require to confidently navigate a new codebase.


Shanea Leven, Co-Founder and CEO of CodeSee, said: 

“We created CodeSee because we believe it’s time for a fresh approach to software development—one that provides today’s development teams with the tools they need to improve how they navigate and understand today’s increasingly complex codebases. With this investment, we’ll be able to continue with rapid product development and help deliver CodeSee to the masses.”


codesee co-founder
Shanea Leven, Co-Founder and CEO of CodeSee.


Leven’s career has centred in leading cutting-edge developer platforms, starting with managing technical programs and products at Google and eBay, then moving into product leadership roles at Cloudflare, Docker, and Lob. Given her personal background in computer science, she’s particularly passionate about advocating for closing the diversity gap in Silicon Valley, and empowering women and BIPOC to build careers in the tech industry. Leven is the lead and chair of the Executive Women in Product (EWIP) community, a rapidly growing community of more than 900 global, female product leaders within the Women In Product Community which is over 25,000.

Ed Sim, Founder and Managing Partner at Boldstart Ventures, said: 

“A major issue all developers face is the ability to fully understand codebases, as they are constantly evolving and getting more complex. When we first met Shanea and Josh, we were blown away by their mission and vision to solve this for individual developers natively in their workflows. CodeSee has developed the world’s first solution to help developers visualise and master their entire codebase quickly. We’re thrilled to partner with CodeSee, as it helps developers dramatically improve onboarding time and ship better code, faster!”


Community First: Onboard Better with OSS Port

CodeSee is committed to helping all developers take part in open-source projects with confidence and ease. Recently, the company launched OSS Port, an open source community dedicated to helping developers overcome the barriers to taking on a codebase.

Contributing to and maintaining open-source projects is hard no matter one’s level of dev expertise. OSS Port connects projects to people and eases codebase onboarding with CodeSee Maps. Maps will be forever-free to the OSS community—a commitment made by CodeSee leaders in support of open source innovation.

Maintainers can tag their projects to topics like ‘Education’ and ‘Social Good’, so contributors can search, select, and quickly onboard to the projects that matter to them. OSS Port allows maintainers to list projects and include contribution best practices, support guidance, and interactive visual walkthroughs of their codebase using CodeSee Maps.

One of the leading OSS Port projects is listed by Distribute Aid, a humanitarian organisation delivering aid to people in need. Today, Distribute Aid uses CodeSee Maps and Recordings to support developers onboarding to its web app and API.

Distribute Aid Co-Founder, Taylor Fairbank, explained of CodeSee:

“Our onboarding can be effectively asynchronous using CodeSee. Really, it allows us to focus on our key cause: coordinating aid shipments for refugees, disaster responses, and other humanitarian causes around the world. Transporting aid, globally, is challenging enough. With CodeSee, we can develop faster. Our code reviews are cleaner, because all of the data is right there, linked to or embedded in a pull request.”