Time To Change Your Coffee Break: The CoffeeTech Companies Shaking Up Your Subscriptions

Bored of the same old cup of coffee? Jealous of the artful brews you get at coffee shops but don’t want to keep splashing out? Then we’re here to tell you it’s time to treat yourself to a coffee subscription! Just imagine, top-quality coffee delivered right to your doorstep.

Luckily, these companies are here with the sole aim of rejuvenating that same old brew. Each prides itself on the exceptionally tasty coffee it can leave your mug steaming with. To top this off, these companies ensure their products and subscription boxes are environmentally and ethically responsible, informative, and cost-effective. So, your mind and bank account can be at ease whilst you sit back and sip on that delicious drink.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed coffee addict or looking to get yourself into having a morning brew (we warn you, there’s no going back), here are some of the best coffee subscriptions around right now.


RiSE Coffee Box delivers beans every month to help fuel your coffee fix from the comfort of your home. Unlike other services, which rely on the same own brand of coffee every time, they’re determined to champion the independent roasters they work with, including sending a mini brochure in each box which details the roasters and the team doing the roasting. Perfect for those who really care about where their coffee comes from!

In the box, subscribers are treated to two 225-250g bags of coffee ground to perfection and a coffee-related gift. The box costs £22 a month and includes free delivery.

Batch Coffee Club

Batch coffee club is all about celebrating the incredible coffee roasters that we have in the UK and the brilliant coffee that they source from around the world. We are a team of coffee industry professionals that have coffee running through our veins.

We keep everything fun and real, just bloody good single-origin coffee in each box with heaps of information about each bag in our write-ups which you are able to reach via the QR code on the back. Whether you’re new to the world of speciality coffee or you’re a seasoned veteran, you will appreciate trying two coffees at once to be able to compare flavours and attributes alongside each other.

This is why we send you two different coffees in our subscription box. It is how the professionals compare coffee in coffee tasting competitions and it is how we like to enjoy ours. We receive coffees from around the UK which are sampled, slurped, sipped and then reviewed. The very best are paired together to complement each other inside our boxes. We are completely honest and transparent; the subscription service is personal and unique and we want to get to know you and create a coffee-loving community around Batch.

Barista & Co

Barista & Co Regulars is a whole bean-only subscription service made for those who want the flavour and environmental benefits of grinding fresh at home or in the office. They offer four core coffees and a community roast that is chosen by their customers. The company emails three possible coffees for their community roast and whichever gets the most votes becomes the next monthly roast. As well as engaging with their customers they also offer a rewards scheme so that customers can build up reward beans and put them towards Barista & Co kit and machines from their partners at Profitec.

Barista & Co are the whole bean coffee people. They focus solely on selling whole-bean coffee and the tools you need to enjoy all the benefits of freshly ground coffee at home. James the company owner is passionate about converting home coffee drinkers to whole beans so they can have coffee that not only tastes better but lasts x 10 longer than ground coffee and has 90% less packaging than capsules.

They know the most important part of enjoying great coffee, is finding your favourite coffee and you can do this through their discovery pack which includes their three most popular coffees. This includes Samba Nights medium roast, Sunny Days lighter roast and Rocket Man espresso roast. The discovery pack is available as a whole bean and filter grind and includes a voucher to save £25 on their award-winning grinder. Your favourite coffee will taste even better ground fresh.

When you’re ready to get to grips with a real espresso machine they offer the Profitec Go machine and provide online videos and resources to get you from zero to flat white in a matter of minutes. With their rewards, customers earn with every purchase and even get the chance to vote for their next guest roast.

Owens Coffee

Tucked away in the Devonshire countryside since 2010, Owens Coffee launched their coffee subscriptions during lockdown, when coffee lovers were searching for ways to recreate barista-style coffee at home. Since then, subscriptions have boomed with customers, who can easily set up and manage orders for their favourite roast to be delivered on a schedule fitting their lifestyle (by weeks/months), whilst saving money on every order.

Owens takes pride in roasting only 100% certified organic and Fairtrade beans, believing sustainability and fairness are integral to a good cup of coffee alongside flavour. Their state-of-the-art roastery uses an energy-efficient Loring precision roaster that emits 80% fewer emissions than traditional roasters, preserving flavour and sustainability. The experienced team hand-selects premium beans grown organically, enriching the land and empowering farmers. Fairtrade certification provides fair wages and resources for farming communities.

Subscribers can feel good knowing their coffee helps the environment and farmers worldwide while enjoying balanced, complex flavours reflecting Owens’ passion for the craft. Customising, amending, pausing and cancelling customer subscriptions is easy through the online account system, accessible anytime. Owens is the perfect choice for discerning coffee lovers who want to enjoy feel-good, great-tasting coffee from the comfort of home.

Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica Coffee is an online D2C speciality coffee roaster that imports exotic coffees from volcanic regions around the world. Its subscription service offers more than 150 exotic coffees.

Volcanica Coffee’s exclusive variety includes single-origin, estate, peaberry, decaffeinated and flavoured coffees grown in the mineral-rich soil from volcanic regions. Recognized for its aromatic and remarkable flavour, each selection embodies the best from the terroir and mountain mists. Every package purchased also helps ensure clean and safe water sources for those around the world as one percent of retail sales are donated to charity: water.

Volcanica Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster that imports 150+ exotic coffees from volcanic regions around the world. The mineral-rich soil from volcanic regions produces coffee that is aromatic and remarkable in taste. The company is a Certified USDA Organic Coffee roastery and carries a broad line of estate, peaberry, decaf and flavoured coffees. Volcanica Coffee’s website offers subscriptions and individual purchases.

Bellwether Coffee

At the forefront of the coffee industry’s sustainability initiative is Bellwether Coffee, a trailblazing CoffeeTech company that is revolutionizing the art of electric coffee roasting. Bellwether’s electric roaster is remarkably user-friendly, requiring no gas lines, vents, construction, or extensive training. With a simple touch of a button, anyone can source and roast the highest quality, most sustainable coffee. Through strategic partnerships with leading coffee retailers, Bellwether Coffee is driving the adoption of its state-of-the-art electric roasters, promoting consistency and quality in every cup of coffee.

Bellwether Coffee is a true catalyst for positive change in the ever-evolving coffee industry. Through their revolutionary Green Coffee Marketplace, they offer green coffee subscription services to retailers, making sustainably sourced coffee accessible to businesses that use Bellwether’s electric roaster. The company’s unique subscription model enables coffee retailers to embrace environmentally responsible practices, knowing that the beans are sourced from farmers who are paid fairly through their Living Income Pricing initiative.