Steeve Huin, Chief Marketing Officer at Irdeto: Cybersecurity – the great equalizer in telemedicine

As COVID-19 continues to ravage immune systems, the global healthcare industry has also become increasingly stressed: malicious attacks are becoming more common and more severe against the healthcare industry. Rapid advancements, and the need for organizations to develop, market and evolve products very quickly, has led to unnecessary shortcuts and quick decisions to get products to market. Unfortunately, these rushed developments have also opened the door for hackers to steal vital health records and information at an unprecedented rate.


Our devices and records are under attack


The key to successful digital healthcare is maintaining and managing thorough a cybersecurity practice, especially as it relates to endpoints. All machines, data and endpoints must be protected, or data can be vulnerable to malicious actors. Healthcare records are the most valuable asset hackers can steal, as they can sell those records for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black market and dark web. According to a Trustwave report, a healthcare record can be valued at up to US$250 (nearly £200) per record on the black market because of the desirably of the data.

Whether big or small, all healthcare companies experience similar issues when they start up and prepare to meet necessary regulations and deadlines. However, depending on their capabilities and limitations, many companies could benefit by teaming up with an experienced industry leader who is looking to help companies evolve and maximize their potential, whilst securing their data and valued endpoints.


Our solutions help


As cybersecurity leaders with more than 50 years of experience, Irdeto offers modular cybersecurity solutions and services to a wide variety of industries, including medical technology and telehealth companies. These tailored solutions can help companies protect their software and medical devices from cyberattacks, meet regulatory requirements and protect patient safety.

Security providers must cater for companies of all shapes and sizes. The need to level the playing field for smaller med-tech companies is greater than ever before. By empowering early-stage companies with the ability to utilize market leading cybersecurity technology, and extensive patent libraries of security technologies, Irdeto  enables companies  to protect their technology while providing secure and compatible solutions that keep consumers’ health records safe.


Be vigilant, act now


Companies need to be secure to prepare themselves for the pitfalls of the new digital world. Companies who wait for an attack to happen to improve their security won’t be able to fight back; by then it’s too late. The only way for companies of all sizes to thrive in an increasingly challenging and complex market is to become an innovator. Irdeto has the ability to protect companies, technology and people. Join us and help fight to level the playing field and help develop a safer and more successful future for all company in the telemedicine industry.