Data Foundry – Finding a Premier Colocation Provider


Digital infrastructure continues to prove its importance. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, a reliable internet connection ensures productivity. 

During the pandemic, communications infrastructure companies including colocation providers were deemed critical facilities to operate. This allowed enterprises to work in their facilities to ensure an always on, always available experience for their customers. Unfortunately, businesses that managed their own IT environments were not regarded the same. For IT environments carefully designed to be resilient and reliable, this posed little threat. Others were not as fortunate. Downtime, slow or unresponsive servers rattled their already disrupted world. As a result, many companies were quick to evaluate their network and compute infrastructure, identifying ways to optimize performance and provide support to enable employees. 


Data Foundry operates mass data centres in Austin and Houston, Texas


As many companies experienced, simply having powerful servers that can store and process data is not good enough. Network connectivity ensures employees have access to data and each other. Layer that with the need to reach cloud-based applications used by everyday workers, connectivity is a prime concern for any IT department. When evaluating how and where to host your company’s digital infrastructure, ensuring access to multiple network providers, interconnection solutions, and cloud-based services is important. Hosting locally could pose limitations, however, colocation providers oftentimes offer the most options in a single location. 

Many colocation providers offer a variety of services. Facilities are known to be fortified with the space, power and connectivity needed to power high-compute infrastructure. Knowing how a facility is staffed is equally important. Many providers offer dark site solutions, meaning they are not manned by individuals, and the facility is secured through off-site video surveillance and gated with biometric access. An always on experience is guaranteed when people are onsite, 24x7x365. From security guards to operation centers that monitor the facility, and personnel walking the floors looking for alarms is the experience businesses need. This ensures that onsite personnel are available to assist customers who cannot be. During the pandemic, many critical workforce personnel went above and beyond in their roles to ensure their customer’s compute infrastructure operated as it should – and when it didn’t – were there to support and help resolve issues.

Identifying a premier colocation provider is important. When you have your digital infrastructure in the care of professionals who take their jobs seriously, they become your eyes and ears, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your job. This frees up time to do more strategic thinking and research to ensure IT operations are optimized to support the needs of the business. With digital transformation empowering businesses today more than ever before, tracking technology innovations that are exploding due to increased bandwidth capabilities and smarter devices is a full-time job in and of itself. When you find your premier colocation provider, they deliver the assurances you need to enable you to focus on the more strategic needs of your business today, and tomorrow. 

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