Digitisation Boost: Covid Crisis Increases The Importance Of Online Presence For Startups

A recent study by IONOS SE found that more Brits than ever now want to start their own business as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. IONOS SE asked 500 UK citizens between the ages of 20 to 50 a set of questions to explore the working lives and aspirations of the British people. One of the biggest takeaways, was that maintaining an online presence is becoming increasingly important for future founders.

Recognising Opportunities In The Crisis

More than 40% of the participants stated that their desire to be self-employment increased due to the pandemic. Is this because the jobs they’ve had for years turned out to be not as secure as originally believed? Or because society is changing? Either way, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the working lives of the British. If you are interested in how many Brits are unhappy with their jobs and would like to know what they want from their dream jobs, you can find out more in the free e-book “British Dreams and Wishes: A Business Survey.”

Hip Online Store Instead Of Cosy Café

Most people have thought of a vague business idea, but 15.4% of participants state that they would scrap their original idea to an entirely different industry since the pandemic. Both 16.2% of men and 14.6% of women now have completely new start-up ideas since corona hit our lives. For 24.7% of the participants, there is an increased importance for an online presence for their future business. Women and the younger participants stated that there is a crucial need for a freshly founded business to be present online.

The Future Is Digital: Digital Business Models Thanks To COVID-19

For many participants, an online presence of their business is not enough: 23% of the participants state that they would prefer a digital business model to an analogue model. As expected, the younger participants were especially keen on advancing digitisation.

But does the new online world actually make starting a business easier? 69% if participants seem to think so! Many of the participants believe that digitisation is the way forward for start-ups, with only 5% seeing it as an obstacle.

British Dreams And Wishes: Key Facts From The Business Study

A summary of key findings from the IONOS SE survey:

  • Guarantee of happiness : Brits believe that founding a business makes one happier
  • Over a quarter of participants are dissatisfied with their current job
  • Brits are lone warriors and prefer to start up alone
  • The lack of financial resources makes British citizens shy away from founding a business

To learn more about the career aspirations of the British people and their desires to become self-employed, download the free e-book here.