Earth Day 2024: 10 Sustainability Apps To Empower Your Eco-Friendly Journey

As today is Earth Day, there’s no better time to reflect on how we can do better, and be better for the planet. Luckily, with the power of tech, making lifestyle changes is much easier than it used to be.

In fact, now more than ever, a growing number apps exist to help us live more sustainable lives. Whether it’s through food, fashion or simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint, tech is coming to the rescue.

Join us this Earth Day as we explore 10 apps to help make your green journey easier and more impactful.


1. WhenToPlugIn


WhenToPlugIn - Apps on Google Play


WhenToPlugIn’s app is a great way to help users make better energy choices at home. Through location mapping, the app tells users when electricity in their area will be the cleanest and suggests the best times to use energy-intensive appliances.

By encouraging people to use energy at a time when it’s more renewable, the app is a great way to reduce carbon emissions at home.


2. Young Planet


YoungPlanet - Give and receive children's stuff for free


Young Planet is app that allows parents to give away or receive children’s items for free.

It aims to create a circular economy for children’s products, which is an industry typically synonymous with waste and excess. The app not only helps families save money, it also keeps more toys, clothes and books out of landfill.


3. GreenChoice


GreenChoice - Greentown Labs


Aimed at food shoppers, GreenChoice analyses products for their health and environmental impact.

It provides scores and recommendations on the products that are the most environmentally friendly, promoting both wellbeing for both the person and the planet.


4. Good On You


Good On You wholesale collection


For those interested in buying more ethical fashion, Good On You offers ratings on clothing brands based on their labour practices and environmental impact.

By giving shoppers more information about the brands they buy from, Good On You is helping more people make sustainable clothing choices.


5. Ecosia


Ecosia – Search the Web and Plant Trees


Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue.

It’s a simple switch from your usual search engine, and works much in the same way as Google and Yahoo. The only difference? Every search has a lasting impact on the planet, allowing you to make positive environmental impact without making any major lifestyle changes.



6. Think Dirty


Think Dirty – Shop Clean on the App Store


Think Dirty is another app that is all about empowering through information.

The app helps you understand the ingredients in your beauty and household products to reduce the use of harmful toxins.

By scanning product barcodes, Think Dirty reveals any harmful chemicals and suggests cleaner alternatives​, meaning better skin care, house care and planet care.


7. Bikemap

Bicycle tracks, Route Planner, Bike Computer App - 🚲 Bikemap


For cyclists, Bikemap is a great way to reduce reliance on cars.

It offers the best routes for biking, inspiring people to cycle for transport, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

The app includes clear, safe and scenic routes, helping more people choose bike over car.


8. HappyCow

Find Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants Near Me - HappyCow


HappyCow is perfect anyone seeking out more plant based restaurant options.

Designed initially for vegans and vegetarians, but suitable for anyone looking to eat more green, the app locates the best plant-based eateries around, reducing meat consumption.


9. PaperKarma


PaperKarma - Stop Junk Mail - Apps on Google Play

Sometimes it’s the things we don’t even want that can be causing wastage in our homes. PaperKarma works by stopping junk mail and catalogues, allowing homes to quickly unsubscribe from spam mail.

This quick and easy process helps reduce paper waste, inching you ever closer to achieving a zero-waste lifestyle.

10. Gardenia


Gardenia - Apps on Google Play


For those with a green thumb—or those aspiring to have one—Gardenia helps people access easy gardening information and tips to help their gardens thrive.

By encouraging more people to have biodiverse ecosystems around their homes, Gardenia is helping make the planet more green one step at a time.


This Earth Day, look at embracing new technology that can help with more sustainable living.

These apps not only offer a information and education, they also help make easy switches to contribute towards a greener planet. By integrating these tools into your daily life, you can help build a sustainable future.