Sales Growth 4,5X In 2021: Where Did Educational Platforms Get New Users From?

In the past year, sales of the online education sector both globally and in Britain have grown exponentially. Data from Admitad Affiliate Network shows that the trend continued in the first half of 2021 and is expected to grow even more in the next quarter of 2021. Brits have multiplied their spendings on online education.


How Much Has The Online Education Market Grown?

The online education industry globally experienced a 71% increase in the number of sales and almost a 9X increase in sales amount in 2020 according to stats provided by Admitad Affiliate Network. This giant leap was mostly caused by the pandemic. Many Britons were forced to change their offline education in their speciality and in additional subjects (for example, hobbies) for online classes at home. Also, against the backdrop of the lockdown, some residents of the country decided to try out online professions that would allow them to work from home all the time.

The latest data shows that the positive signs seem to continue even through the first half of 2021, as stats indicate a 13,5% increase in the number of sales and a 154% increase in sales of online education platforms. In addition to this, the average cart value has already spiked by 124%, standing currently at 30,5 GBP. British customers increased their purchases of online courses by 350%, surpassing global trends. Sales amount increased by 352%.



Where Did The Users Come From?

Clients in the online education sector have been highly influenced by the authoritative opinion of the online media and blogs – they have led the lion’s share of clients in this sector in 2021. Here are the traffic channels that have driven the most sales:


traffic channels


Due to the rapid growth in the sector, an increasing number of content sites, traffic specialists and other traffic owners agree to work with brands on partner terms – for a reward based on the amount of the orders made, moving away from the fixed payment for advertising model. The number of partners has grown by 11,7% since the first half of 2020.

In a critical time like the COVID-19 with all the lockdowns, affiliate marketing seemed to be a profitable additional instrument to the already overstretched traditional advertising channels. Big EdTech companies like Babble, Coursera, edX, Future Learn and many more are shifting to affiliate marketing channels to create brand awareness and attract new users for their platform.