Meet Fernando Raymond, CEO Of SeekaHost & ClickDo

Tell Us About You And Your Businesses. How Did They Come About?

My name is Fernando Raymond, and I am the CEO of digital marketing agency ClickDo and web hosting company SeekaHost. After completing my Business Master’s Degree at the University of Worcester, I discovered SEO and became a digital entrepreneur and strategist with my two companies that I started from the ground up without any financial investments.

I initially offered SEO and WordPress services by myself until I scaled my services and began to serve more clients, which allowed me to hire staff. I have consulted hundreds of business owners with regards to SEO, virtual business branding and virtual real estate creation, marketing, and web hosting. I have published several eBooks about SEO and digital strategies and solutions for virtual property and online presence management and marketing.

With both of my businesses I am on a mission to help millions of people get online with one or multiple online properties. I have recently invested heavily in the design and development of the SeekaPanel, an innovative web hosting control panel that makes domain registration, website hosting and set up as well as website management extremely fast and easy so that even digital novices can get online effortlessly.

What Have You Learnt?

I have learnt many valuable lessons through simply going for it. Some lessons include to take risks and don’t allow fear to hold you back, that nothing is ever 100% perfect and if you want to grow and succeed you have to make a start somewhere, and to be innovative you must evolve as a person yourself.


What challenges have you faced?

As a solo entrepreneur, the pressure to build a client base to grow my businesses. As a digital entrepreneur, fluctuations in SEO and adaptation to rapid changes in tech.


How Did You Respond During COVID?

Because some SEO clients with ClickDo Ltd. paused their SEO services with us, both companies were affected. So, I fully focused on the web hosting control panel development and marketing and the web hosting services at SeekaHost in order to grow this company. As more people got online during the pandemic, I saw it as an opportunity for more demand in web hosting and website management.

I utilised some SEO services we normally offer to ClickDo clients to grow SeekaHost, but we continued to offer SEO services to businesses that were still running like dentists for example. During the pandemic both businesses coped well and have more staff now than before the first lockdown. I am fortunate that both businesses could support each other during this difficult economic time, and I advise every business owner to diversify their business operations while remaining adaptable.


What Are Your Plans For Growth?

I will continue to invest in the development of the SeekaPanel as I believe that unique software solutions for web hosting and website management will be in growing demand as more people get websites in the future. Automation is important to scale, and the control panel will offer a lot of that once it has been built to a level I envision.

I also want to invest more in online education and build up our eLearning platform SeekaHost University. I believe that online learning and training is key to improve skills or careers and with this platform I want people to learn how to make the most of their virtual properties hosted with SeekaHost.

And for people or businesses that prefer to use our SEO and marketing services rather than learning how to do it themselves, we will continue to offer these with ClickDo. For the web hosting business, we are expanding with offering Game Server Hosting and tutorials for Minecraft Gaming and Minecraft Server Management & Optimisation.


What Is Special About The SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Control Panel And Why Should People Host And Manage Their Websites With It?

Our SeekaPanel offers the following benefits with the managed WordPress Hosting, which I believe will change the overall web hosting experience for the better:

  • Easy and fast domain registration and creation of a WordPress website in 5 minutes.
  • Unique WordPress management panel with many features that no other WordPress hosting provider currently offers such as hosting multiple websites with a variety of unique IPs and an integrated tracker to connect a hosted domain with Google Analytics and Clicky to access live website data.
  • Low and flexible rates without minimum terms and setup fees.
  • Automatic and regular updates & backups of all website content & 1-click backup option in the panel.
  • WordPress Hosting Support in the Live Chat and Via Email Ticket System.


The digital transformation trend in 2021 has made content and digital marketing more important than ever..

What Is Your Message To Businesses Worldwide?

I would go as far as saying that in the post-pandemic world everyone should own a web property to further their lives, careers, and virtual presence or even help others. Think about how many of our daily operations have moved online now. Banking, shopping, communicating, working, exercising, entertaining etc. Why not establish an internet property with a web address just as we all have a physical property with a physical address? To me it totally makes sense for the following reasons:

  • Job recruitment is moving online.
  • 30 percent of global Internet users mainly find businesses, services, products or information online with the help of search engines with Google as a market leader.
  • Increasingly more wealth is accumulated on the internet with cryptocurrencies and valuable virtual real estate.

It is therefore a no brainer that building and managing a digital real estate is just as important as having a smartphone or computer. And therefore, I am so passionate about helping ordinary people that may have never even heard of web hosting or WordPress like me 10 years ago can start a blog or website with ease.

Digital and content marketing skills play a vital role in achieving this and they can be learned for free with the digital marketing eLearning platform SeekaHost University I have founded. A website is a person’s reference point online via which the world can contact them if found and access their services, products, or knowledge. I therefore encourage everyone out there to share their genius in any way with the world via a website and their online content.


I want to tell all your readers that the time is now to get online and build something valuable on the internet for their future. This could be in the form of an online portfolio for career progression or a blog to create awareness about something they deeply care about. And it could of course also be the start of an online business which we have published many guides about on the SeekaHost Blogs.

I left university not knowing what I could potentially achieve and what I love about the internet is that it is like the wild west in a way – everyone can chase their dreams here and establish something meaningful and impactful.  As a successful internet entrepreneur and businessman who started out with one WordPress blog, I can assure that anything is possible.


For a brief demonstration of how easy and intuitive the SeekaPanel navigation and website set up is, please see this short video: