Four Lessons Start-Ups Can Learn from the Online Gambling Industry

Did you know that almost half of the population of Britain gambles? We’re not talking about the occasional flutter, either – in fact, the 48 percent quoted represents respondents who had gambled at least once in the past month.

Unsurprisingly given these numbers, the UK gambling industry rakes in over £14 billion each year, making it one of the most lucrative and successful markets in modern-day Britain, and the perfect example of how to do commerce well.

So, what can we learn from it? Here are four essential lessons that every successful start-up should absorb…

Know your audience 


If there is one thing the casino sector is good at, it’s marketing its products. This observation is backed up by the survey we linked to above, which reveals that 68 percent of the 18–24-year-olds who partook were prompted to gamble by adverts and posts on social media – one of the most important modern-day promotional tools around. It’s this sort of targeted marketing tactic that has really helped to increase the industry’s visibility and appeal, so take this lesson away with you and apply it to your own business. Do some research, find out where your demographic are actually looking, and focus your efforts there.

Keep it fresh and exciting 

Internet gambling is a hugely competitive industry, which is why its greatest successes understand how important it is to keep their offerings fresh and exciting. Your typical online casino will usually have a page or section specifically dedicated to what’s new and popular, to make sure that all of its most exciting content is easy to find and instantly visible to players. You need to adopt the same tactic with your own customers, making sure new products are the first thing your audience see when they click on your website, open an email, or take a look on your social media pages. This way you’ll never lose your novelty, and your clients’ interest is unlikely to stray.

Use special offers and promotions to entice people in


Online casinos are exceptionally skilled marketers, but it’s not only that they’re good at getting their content seen: they also understand what’s needed to entice people in. Special offers and promotions are par for the course, and most will make sure their offerings are splashed all over the internet. You ought to emulate this approach in your own efforts, as getting that initial chance to impress really is all important. Find some way to get your audience’s attention, and the battle for their custom is half won.

Be mobile friendly 

Last but not least, recognise the fundamentality of mobile compatibility to the success of modern-day businesses. The use of mobile phones and tablets to gamble has increased by 10 percent since 2015, and the same trend can be seen across many other sectors. We’re not just shopping for goods and services online anymore, but more specifically, from our smartphones. Fail to react to this trend and you’ll be barring the doors to an awful lot of potential business.

Isn’t it time to review your methods and see what you could be doing better?