GamerFest Dublin 2024 set to Showcase Gaming in Ireland

GamerFest Dublin 2024 is set to deliver an unparalleled showcase for gamers of all levels. Scheduled to take place on May 25-26 at RDS Hall 1, it will captivate attendees with live stages, special guests, an extensive expo marketplace and eSports competitions.

Read on as we take a closer look at one of the most important events in the gaming calendar in Ireland this year.


The Live Stages are the Talk of the Town


GamerFest Dublin will redefine the gaming festival experience with its version of live stages. These are the heart of the event and will showcase the latest gaming trends in the industry. There will be everything from exclusive game previews to in-depth discussions with respected experts who deliver industry insights.

One of the crucial highlights of the event is the Indie Game Spotlight section. This allows independent developers to unveil their creations to attendees looking for new innovations. Gamers take being ahead of the curve very seriously, and this is an exciting chance to try the latest developments which will shape the future of gaming in Ireland.

The event also features the Retro Gaming Revival stage where gamers will be able to take a nostalgic journey through the evolution of gaming over the years. These live stages are designed to encourage participation. Attendees can join interactive sessions, engage in Q&A with your favourite gaming personalities, and compete in gaming challenges.


Rub Shoulders with Special Guests and Gaming Icons


GamerFest Dublin is not just about the games; the people signed up to take part also play a crucial role in making this event come alive. The festival features a ton of special guests, including gaming industry veterans and some of the most popular content creators from across the globe. There will be captivating panel discussions about the landscape of gaming content creation, insightful behind-the-scenes stories and more.

The event also features meet-and-greet sessions where fans can engage one-one-one with their favourite personalities. This is your chance to get a picture or an autograph. Names have not been divulged, but several notable guests will grace the event, including game designers, eSports champions and YouTube and Twitch stars. GamerFest Dublin 2024 brings an ensemble cast from different corners and backgrounds, ensuring there is something to suit every attendee.


Enjoy the Thrill of eSports and Competitive Gaming


GamerFest Dublin will deliver an eSports extravaganza like never before. The festival is set to host several competitive tournaments that will attract some of the top talents in the sector. League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League are among the popular games which will feature in eSports tournaments at the event.

Each of these will garner significant interest from sponsors, broadcasters and the online gambling industry – key stakeholders who are desperate to jump on the eSports bandwagon. Numerous leading Irish betting apps have increasingly been covering eSports in recent years and will significantly ramp up their offering for GamerFest Dublin.

Pre-tournament odds will be available on all the eSports tournaments, while punters will be able to access live eSports markets when the action gets underway. The opportunity to make a profit by betting on eSports while watching exciting tournaments will elevate this exciting Irish gaming event to another level.


Expo Marketplace to Find the Best Gaming Gear


One of the most popular elements of the festival is the Expo Marketplace, which provides a platform for enthusiasts to buy the latest gaming gear, merchandise and accessories. The marketplace brings together leading gaming brands, hardware manufacturers and independent creators under one massive umbrella.

If you visit the gaming area, you can test-run cutting-edge games and consoles. There is an array of merchandise to purchase – from iconic gaming apparel to rare collectables. You can get limited-edition releases and exclusive discounts, making this the perfect place to fuel your gaming passion.

The expo marketplace is the ideal spot to visit if you need to improve your gaming set-up or buy the perfect gift for a fellow gamer. Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, this market is a treasure trove of gaming fun you simply cannot afford to miss.