Good Judgment Inc Launches FutureFirst Forecast Monitoring Tool

future first

Good Judgment Inc has announced the launch of FutureFirst, a tool that makes it easier to monitor forecasts from its global network of professional Superforecasters. The customizable, interactive dashboard gives subscribers 24/7 access to crowd-sourced insights and precise probability values about uncertain events in real time.

“FutureFirst provides unrivaled early signals that help subscribers anticipate market-moving and world-shaping events,” said Tom Anzur, Chief Commercial Officer with Good Judgment Inc. “Our one-of-a-kind monitoring tool quantifies these insights daily as crowd-sourced probabilistic forecasts, along with regular reports that pinpoint the key factors that the Superforecasters cite when updating their forecasts. Armed with this early warning, clients can seize opportunities sooner and mitigate risks more effectively.”



Good Judgment’s elite Superforecasters work in teams to tackle clients’ questions. They have decades of collective experience in assigning well-calibrated, quantifiable probability forecasts to complex geopolitical, economic, legal/regulatory, public health, and technology outcomes.

Forecasts are updated daily and displayed alongside historical forecast trends and regular Superforecaster insights. Users can create a tailored watchlist to track topics of interest, ranging from financial and economic indicators to domestic and international politics.

Visit Good Judgment’s website for further details on FutureFirst or to request a product demo.

About Good Judgment Inc

Good Judgment’s unique process leverages the wisdom of the crowd by enlisting its specially trained Superforecaster® network to explore critical questions and provide early warning indicators for related issues and events. The firm’s services are used across a multitude of industries, including, but not limited to, financial services, energy, government, healthcare, and NGOs. To learn more about Good Judgment and its range of services, please visit