Growing Your Business in a Hybrid or Remote Working Environment with Uber


Nowadays, most people are no stranger to the idea of working remotely. After many people had to adapt to this unfamiliar way of working during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people expect their employers to offer the option of remote and hybrid working. In fact, in a 2020 survey, 74% of professionals said that they expect remote work to become the new normal, rather than traditional office-based work. 

With many people now returning to office work, it’s critical for businesses to consider the ways in which they may have to work differently than they did pre-pandemic. Some people will still need to work remotely for COVID-related reasons, but others will simply prefer not having to make the commute. Whatever the reason, it’s important for employers to be flexible and change with the times.

Employers may have reservations about the effectiveness of fully remote or hybrid working. Most of these reservations come from the model of work that we have come to know – usually a 9-5 office job with a commute there and back. With more people expecting remote and hybrid working to soar, employers need to have a strategy in place to continue to grow their business wherever they are based.




The Struggles of Remote and Hybrid Working 

Remote and hybrid working is a new way of life for many companies since the pandemic hit. While we’re all still finding our feet with remote and hybrid working, there are some problems that linger. 

One of the main criticisms of remote working seems to be the lack of interaction and collaboration with colleagues and clients alike. Whilst it’s arguably easier to collaborate when you’re sitting in an office together, it’s important to remember that this is not the only way to collaborate and interact with others.


How Can Uber for Business Help Your Remote or Hybrid Business?

A question on the lips of the remote or hybrid working sceptic may be how can you build and maintain meaningful and practical relationships with colleagues and clients remotely? After all, if one team member works 200 miles away from a valued client, they can’t exactly pop out for some lunch to talk business. 

However, just because a meeting is held virtually doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the chance to have some great food and connect with the other person. Uber for Business has a solution: you can now easily send over vouchers to clients to cover the cost of what would be the lunch meeting. Even better, they’ll get to choose exactly what food they’d like to order for lunch during your virtual meeting, and you’ll get to choose your own favourite! 

This also works with your employees. Whether it be expensing lunch as you normally would, or given as a token of your appreciation for your hardworking employees and valued customers, Uber vouchers are perfect!

If you want to make a gesture that’s more personal though, you can always order a meal for delivery directly to the recipient. This could be delivering pizzas to employees working in the office, or sushi to a valued customer as a token of appreciation for their loyalty. 

However your company works, you can help to grow your business with Uber for Business.

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