Hola Metaverso Is Closing the Gap for Latinx Communities in Web3


The international event series seeks to connect Latinx communities in the Web3 space – strengthening relationships between those at the forefront of Web3 and empowering newcomers entering the sector by leveraging networking opportunities and support.

Hola Metaverso, the biggest Web3 Latinx conference from Los Angeles is coming to Colombia’s capital. Hosted in Bogotá from August 26 to 28, the 3-day conference is the first immersive mixed reality event in the country – led by a coalition of Web3 organisations at the forefront of the thriving industry: Hola Metaverso, Disrupt3rs and VIIRA.

The conference’s innovative format will feature more than 50 emerging and long-established Latin American artists – showcasing their Web3 creations through various cultural, digital and sensory experiences.

The art portion of the event will be accompanied by panels of leading experts who are shaping the future of the art, fashion, film, music and literary industries by making use of Web3 applications.

As such, Hola Metaverso provides a perfect opportunity for developers, co-founders, thought leaders, artists, investors and the like to network, collaborate and empower their communities – allowing them to grow in ideas, creativity and impact.

Confirmed speakers include Pierina Merino, founder and CEO of FlickPlay; Erick Rincon,  Director of the Universidad del Rosario Think Tank and former President of Colombia Fintech; María Paz Gaviria, Director of Artbo; Leo Matchett, CEO of Decentralised Pictures Foundation; Diana Aguilar, Crypto Reporter; Lucia Diaz, Founder and Illustrator of LUCIA DIAZ, Jose Domingo, True Fashion’s NFT designer, Natalia Velez (International Tax Attorney for Riot Games / Disrupt3rs Founder) and Catie Romero-Finger, CEO and Co-Founder of BABs Labs.

On a mission to advance inclusion and amplify diversity in Web3.

Aimed at knowledge and experience dissemination through diverse outreach initiatives, Hola Metaverso is driving the inclusion of LatAm culture and community in the Web3 space – providing creatives with opportunities to identify mentors, connect with investors and join communities.

With a high rate of internet adoption and a strong remittances market, Latin America creates an environment where blockchain-based technologies can flourish.

Being integrated across numerous industries, this technological headway is revolutionising and optimising everyday processes, but in order for society to reap the maximum benefits of Web3, driving inclusion in the sector in which Latinx communities and other minorities continue to be left behind is critical.

In April this year, Hola Metaverso organised the first in-person event in Los Angeles, California –  bringing together individuals, teams and Web3 (Metaverse, Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs) communities from across the the LatAm and US – with participants coming from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico City, New York, Miami, and beyond.

Over 49% of Los Angeles County’s almost 10 million residents are Latin American, based on the 2020 Census. However, in line with the predominantly white composition of the tech and startup worlds, much of the Latino community is left out of the conversation about Web3 applications.

“Disrupt3rs is committed to promoting experiences that will lead Latinx communities to question the status quo. We believe that Web3 will bring forth a new opportunity for redistribution of wealth and those communities that organically gravitate towards these developments will have a head-start. We want to make sure our community has the right tools and network to enter this space from its inception,” said Maria Londono, co-founder of Disrupt3rs.

“There are thriving creator communities in Latam that are building great things and they are eager to play a part in this new world economy that blockchain has opened up. I am confident that this is the market to pay attention to and looking forward to supporting their growth. BABS is excited to be partnering with Hola Metaverso to support their mission and get this message of inclusion out to the world,” added Catie Romero-Finger of BABs Labs.

Committed to highlighting the importance and role of diversity in Web3, BABs Labs is an inclusive, full-service web3 communication and marketing agency that also has a full art-led NFT lab founded by Catie Romero-Finger and Nastya Adamova.

Aligned with the event’s mission to advance inclusion and amplify diversity in the evolving landscape, BABs Labs teamed up with Hola Metaverso as a media partner.

Oszie Tarula, Founder of Hola Metaverso summarised:

“Our Web3 community continues to grow organically and it is our mission to continue to bring awareness, education, workshops, and create and provide event experiences that connect our members. I am proud of our collective (Disrupt3rs, Web3 Familia, Marte247, & VIIRA) coming together to bring this special experience and highlight talent, and provide a platform for creators, artists, investors, and dreamers. The connections being made at these first Web3 international event experiences are set to make Hola Metaverso a game changing event, not just in this sector, but throughout Latin America.”

Elmer Morales, Founder at Campus DAO, a no-code platform for Web3 said:

“Stoked to be sharing the stage with so many brilliant minds in Web3. I’m excited to share how innovative brands like Bored&Hungry and Exotics DAO are leveraging Web3 and NFTs to go global and disrupt traditional industries.”


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